What the Dickens? Cast & Crew

Amy WackettAmy Wackett
This is Amy’s second production with KDC, last appearing as Anna in ‘The Player Played’ by Matthew Partridge. Still dazzled by the bright lights of London, she arrived just a year ago with big dreams and a small satchel filled with dog eared head shots and worn out dancing shoes. Amy has previously mildly entertained Oxford and Lancaster audiences with numerous roles including Henrietta in Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow’, Hermia in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Juliet in an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Unseen Academicals’ and Gwendolen in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde. By day, Amy is Communications Manager for the spinal injury charity, Aspire. In fact she mostly does theatre just to get the charity’s name in the programme. Unfortunately, product placement was not permitted on this production.

SullivanBernard O’Sullivan
Bernard was educated at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and the open University. He was called to the Bar in 1971 and has been in private practice since then. He took a year out to train as an actor with The Actors Company from 2005 – 2006. Since then he has appeared in a number of short films and plays, most recently in 2013 at the Bridewell Theatre as Dr Wickert in Abby Mann’s ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’ and the Arcola Studio as the Gaoler in Tilo ‘Ulbricht’s Conscience’. He has previously acted with KDC Theatre as Salter in Caryl Churchill’s ‘A Number’.

Carys BrehmeCarys Brehme
Carys is very excited to be making her first appearance with KDC Theatre Company in ‘What The Dickens?” Carys has always enjoyed playing diverse roles across a wide range of genres, from William Shakespeare to devised collaborations to create new plays. Originally from Dorset, Carys studied acting from a young age and attended University in Plymouth to achieve her degree in Theatre and Performance before making the move to the Big Smoke. Carys is particularly fond of playing ballsy females and in her spare time loves nothing more than watching a good old fashioned murder mystery.

Charlotte VassellCharlotte Vassell
This is Charlotte’s first production with KDC, having been cast solely on the merit of her hair. Previously she has hammed it up in horrendous student productions, butchering the English language here and there, but other than that she has done very little of artistic merit. Her only real competencies lie in cake  (Ingredients: 8oz butter, 8oz self-raising flour, 8oz castor sugar, vanilla essence, 4 eggs; result: half baked). In a past life Charlotte could have been Beyonce.

Chris DascalopoulosChris Dascalopoulos
This is Chris’ second play with KDC after moving to London last year, and he is happy to get his horror hat on and get stuck in. Previous roles include Hal in ‘Loot’, a very poetic poet in ‘Gormenghast’, a murderous Norfolk in ‘Richard III’ and Craig in ‘Love and Deceit’, where his alternative style of singing was put to good use. Chris will be appearing in ‘Butley’ later on this year, before having a well deserved rest.

Chris StookeChris Stooke
A genuinely scary stage favourite who comes with a parental guidance certificate, Chris Stooke (it rhymes with spook!) has also appeared in the KDC productions of ‘Dracula’ and the ghostly devised play ‘Visited’. Chris has also recently tried his hand at non frightening roles with South London Theatre and, many years ago, even musicals and pantomime.

Dawn Ray Hourigan
This is Dawn Ray Hourigan’s first outing on the London stage after training at Drama Centre London’s MA screen Acting. Originally Irish, she moved to London in 2011. Before this she completed a BA in Performance & Art in the  Netherlands and spent a year touring Holland, Belgium & Morocco with her graduation piece. Dawn is also a professional Quizmistress, known for her fierce brain straining and very shiny jacket. You can find her working pub quizzes around London.

Emily AmblerEmily Ambler
This is Emily’s first production with the KDC, having previously performed with The Tower Theatre Company in the productions ‘Smells of Wee’, ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Bloody Poetry’. Emily trained with Kate Marlow at The Actors Studio in Manchester and has since gone on to be a part of Commercials, TV, Theatre and Short Films.

Emily PorritEmily Porritt
This is Emily’s first KDC production since joining SEDOS almost a year ago. Since then she has been involved with ‘Gormenghast’, ‘Enron’ and the competition evening at The Bridewell theatre and has loved each experience. Now also being taken under the wing of KDC she looks forward to a cracking show before quietly leaving her future acting career to work abroad for five months!

Emma KnottEmma Knott
It’s been a few years since Emma acted with KDC and she’s somewhat distressed to find that she’s now eligible to play older ladies rather than young ones. On the plus side this collection of plays has allowed her to dust off one of her less used accents and put it to good use. Previous roles include egg-throwing Helen in ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’,  tearful Olwen in ‘Dangerous Corner’ and  cake loving Lenny  in ‘Crimes of the Heart’. On the directing side of life Emma has taken on ‘The Libertine’, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ and ‘The Lying Kind’. Back in the real world Emma works for a well known supermarket chain – she politely requests that you limit yourself to one complaint per conversation. Thank you.

Mark EwinsMark Ewins
Mark has been involved with KDC for 5 years playing numerous roles. He is pleased to be back at the Lion and Unicorn after last years production of ‘Dracula’. Mark is also involved with talented young musicians playing in the Camden Light Orchestra and sings in the acclaimed Sustain choir across various London venues. When not acting, singing or playing instruments, Mark can be found trying to stay afloat in the local pool, performing 3 jumps on the ice rink or cooking up a culinary storm……or doing his day job as a Food Technologist. Enjoy the show!

Paul GibbinsPaul Gibbins
Paul makes his first appearance for KDC after recently appearing in a Sedos production of ‘Autobahn’. He has also previously performed in Mamet and Brecht. Historically not a believer in the supernatural, Paul now questions everything and believes there may be method in his madness. Or the other way around…

Peter CabreraPeter Cabrera
As a result of a New Year’s resolution to do more acting, Peter appeared in KDC’s production of ‘The Tamer Tamed’ last year at the Lion and Unicorn, playing “the comic relief” Jacques. Subsequently, Peter appeared as Napoleon Bonaparte and the Lieutenant in ‘The Man of Destiny’ by G.B. Shaw at the Bridewell Theatre (swapping roles on alternate nights) as well as producing ‘Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You’ for KDC. This year, Peter played the Runner in ‘The 17 Greatest Dates of Matthew Reading’, an independently-produced feature film which premiered at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith in the Summer. Since deciding to pursue a full-time career as an actor in August, Peter now works part-time in the City. He is also available for gardening work at a very reasonable rate if you need any done.

Sam SmullenSam Smullen
Sam crashed into the London amateur dramatic scene earlier this year as ‘Guy’ in the Bench Seat section of Sedos’ black-as-death summer comedy funfest ‘Autobahn’. In the past, he directed the disturbingly comic ‘The Pillowman’, and has even been known to type a couple of scripts here and there. In the world of normal people, he works in IT, making his brain a constant struggle between irreverent artist and nerdy computer guy.

William BaltynWilliam Baltyn
William has most recently played Prince Charles in ‘The War of the Waleses’ in London , Stratford and at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Other roles have included Konstantin Levin in ‘Anna Karenina’ and a surprising number of nameless parts such as ‘Father’, ‘Interviewer’, ‘Priest’, ‘Narrator’ or ‘Zookeeper’.  Having said that, when the characters ‘Leonard’ and ‘Colin’ are on offer, he counts his blessings.

Halloween Message from the Artistic Director

Hello KDC Theatre

Halloween is almost upon us. The season of dressing up in toilet roll and not opening the door to children comes round again, as it seems to do every year.

Last year we celebrated our first KDC Halloween with a production of a horror classic in the form of Dracula. We also reached out to our writers and set them a challenge: to devise/adapt/be inspired by a ghost story written by one of the greatest storytellers ever, Charles Dickens. The results were so fun to read, that we decided to take things a little further.

Taking eight of the scripts from last year, we have a fantastic season lined up. A special “event” called What The Dickens?

For two weeks we will be based at the Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town, to bring you entertaining tales of spectral whimsy. The most exciting thing is that within this event there are TWO different shows to enjoy, playing on alternate nights.

Firstly, for the plays that have been adapted with that modern twist, we present “Twisted”, 5 short plays inspired by Dickens. From ghostly litigation, to creepy hoodies, to prams in graveyards, to meetings on trains to police interviews, these five rather different stories give a contemporary spin on the Victorian spook stories.

On our OTHER nights we have “The Bleakest House”,  in which a séance is disturbed by unknown elements. Three classic Charles Dickens stories, including the infamous Signal Man, invade this private parlour party to un-nerve these investigators of the otherworldly, all for your own entertainment.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we have a SPECIAL booking offer!

Our standard ticket price is in effect of £12 per show, but if you book for BOTH shows, it will just cost you £20! Book now!

“Twisted” – The Modern Plays

29th Oct, 31st Oct, 2nd Nov, 6th Nov, 8th Nov at 7.30pm

“The Bleakest House” – The Victorian Plays

30th Oct, 1st Nov, 5th Nov, 7th Nov, 9th Nov at 7.30pm

Winter 2013 – Tiger at the Gates auditions

Tiger at the Gates by Jean Giraudoux, translated by Christopher Fry

Directed by Nick Mouton

Tuesday 19 – Saturday 23 November

The Lion & Unicorn Theatre

1. Newcomers Meeting

Each season we hold a Newcomers Meeting where the directors will tell you more about their plays and the audition process. Its a great way to find out more about the season and of course you can quiz the directors and committee too.

Date: Thursday 12th September
Time: Join us from 7pm for a drink. The meeting will start at 7.30pm
Venue: The White Swan, 20 Farringdon Street, Farringdon, EC4A 4AB

2. Auditions

You do not need to register for auditions or prepare anything in advance.

Date: 17th, 18th & 19th September. Please come on whichever day suits you
Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm start
Venue: Clean Break Studios, 2 Patshull Road, Kentish Town, NW5 2LB

Recalls will be on Saturday 21st September from 10am to 2pm. You will be called on Friday 20th if we’d like to see you again.

3. Show Dates

We’ll be performing from Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd November at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. The shows will start at 7.30pm and you’ll need to be at the theatre at least an hour beforehand. The dress rehearsal will be on Monday 18th November. You will need to be free from midday onwards, possibly all day.

4. Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons/evenings. All rehearsals will be in central London.

5. Synopsis

‘Tiger at the Gates’ is a brilliant and bitter comedy set within Troy, a city doomed to betrayal and destruction. The story is of Hector, a military man who knows the horror and degradation of war, struggling to preserve peace in the face of jingoistic sentiment and mob hysteria. Along with his worldly-wise mother Hecuba, Hector leads the anti-war argument and tries to persuade his brother Paris to return Helen to Greece. Hector sees Helen as the definition of war and destruction, but for the other Trojan men, through her beauty, believe that she represents an opportunity for glory, and they are eager to have others fight a war in her name. This is the re-telling of a classic story looking at the brutality of war and the futility of trying to avoid it while others around you are so hell-bent on it. The script was written as a criticism against the lack of diplomacy and irresponsible behaviour of the national leaders and intellectuals who brought about the First World War and the lead up to World War II. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are a number of comical moments went the Trojan pomp and ceremony prone diplomats are mocked for their blinkered points of view.

I want to look at the clashes of cultures, ideologies and sexes, portraying the Trojans as those who live the simple life, while in contrast there are the more cocksure Greeks who are used to getting their own way at the expense of others.

The play will last for up to 2 hours and will be set on Hector and Andromache’s sunny terrace that looks over Troy.

6. Cast Breakdown

This is a nice big cast with everyone getting a decent amount to say. There will be some doubling up so I’ve listed all of the main characters that the cast will play. The ages are recommended, but they’re not set in stone. I’m open to all sorts of accents and might ask people to try some out – like Irish, American, Northern English & Scottish. Don’t worry as it’s just me experimenting with ideas.

The Trojans

Hector (M, 27 – 40)

Charismatic, but battle fatigued. A leader of men through battles, but not seen as such of a diplomat by the senate. He’s just back from a long string of battles and is looking forward to spending the rest of his life relaxing with his wife. He’s a family man so will support his relatives to the bitter end. He has a lot to say in the play.

Andromache (F, 25 – 40)

Naturally beautiful woman. Passionate about her family and Troy. Like Hector, she prefers to stay out of politics and spend the rest of her life having her own family with Hector.

Cassandra (F, 23 -40)

Hector’s sister – can be older or younger. She believes that she’s a clairvoyant and can tell what will happen to Troy. No one pays much attention to her so she’s treated as the black sheep of the family.

Paris (M, 20 – 25)

Hector’s younger brother. He’s good looking, suave and charismatic. He thinks he has Hector’s strong presence, but he doesn’t. He’s selfish with his actions and refuses to back down, but still seeks for Hector and father’s approval.

Priam (M, 45+)

King of Troy and Hector’s father. He’s a proud man who stands by his beliefs. He’s head strong and wishes to support his sons but waivers when they have opposing opinions so he goes with the senate’s thoughts.

Hecuba (F, 40+)

Queen of Troy and Hector’s mother. She dislikes war and wants to have a peaceful existence. Hector gets his softer and more reasonable traits from Hecuba. She has a rebellious streak which annoys the senate but Priam likes her fighting spirit.

Polyxene (F, 17 – 20)

Hector’s younger sister. She’s very naïve & easily led.

Troilus (M or F, 14 – 17 or to be played by a girl)

Hector’s youngest brother. Young and naïve but stands by his belief. He has Priam’s strength in character.

Demokos (M, 30+)

He’s a celebrated poet and Priam’s main advisor. He sees himself as the ultimate intellectual but others see him as the fool that he is. He has never experienced warfare but he’s more than happy to send people to their death and then write about it, using feelings as if he was there. He’s the comedy relief and subject of ridicule in the play.

Abenos (M, 30+)

He’s another protected intellectual of Troy who is more interested in the pomp and ceremony than the deadly consequences of their actions. He’s a strong supporter of Demokos.

Busiris (F, 30+)

She is a traveller who has convinced the senate that she knows exactly what the Greeks want to do, which is to destroy Troy. Her thoughts conveniently support what the senate want to believe until her views are challenged by Hector.

Olpides (F, 20 – 25)

She is a young member of Paris’s crew who witnesses his apprehension of Helen. She is the shortest member of his crew so is always the one to go up to the crow’s nest.

Mathematician (M, 27+) 

He’s another wise man of Troy who claims to talk true facts most, either scaremongering or praising Helen. He’s another Demokos supporter who is against Hector’s ideas.

The Greeks

Helen (F, 22 – 30)

She is a strikingly beautiful woman and she knows it! She’s very intelligent and can manipulate people to her advantage and make them believe that it’s through their own free will. She knows that the women aren’t fond of her but she doesn’t really care as she has all of the men wrapped around her finger, until she meets Hector. As AC/DC once sang, ‘Lady’s got balls’!

Ulysses (M, 35 – 50)

He is the Greek ambassador and is seen as the wisest of the Greeks. He doesn’t want war with Troy and understands Hector’s point of view and predicament. Though he’s reasonable he still has a penchant of reminding people about the power of the Greek army. He has some great big speeches but only appears for the final third of the play.

Ajax (M, 24 – 35)

This guy is a brute! He’s the really battering ram of Greece and is totally opposite to Ulysses. He strikes then talks later and is hungry for blood and battle. With his fondness for war he also strongly admires people who he sees as his equals and shows them a lot of respect, but shows total disdain to weaklings.

Other parts to be covered by actors playing some of the above characters: Top Man, Sailor, Servant & Messenger. Even though like the Mathematician they haven’t been given names, they all have quite a lot to say and do during the play.

7. Crew

I want to recreate a sunny terrace with some extra-level decking. It will be a sunny day throughout so it will be a really basic lighting design. So the crew I need:

– Set designer

– Set builder

– Lighting designer

– Lighting & sound operator

– Stage Manager

– Assistant Stage Manager

If you’re interested in being in the crew please e-mail tech@kdctheare.com

Winter 2013 – Hamlet Auditions

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Directed by Kat Wootton

Tuesday 26 – Saturday 30 November at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre

1. Newcomers Meeting

Each season we hold a Newcomers Meeting where the directors will tell you more about their plays and the audition process. Its a great way to find out more about the season and of course you can quiz the directors and committee too.

Date: Thursday 12th September
Time: Join us from 7pm for a drink. The meeting will start at 7.30pm
Venue: The White Swan, 20 Farringdon Street, Farringdon, EC4A 4AB

2. Auditions

You do not need to register for auditions. Please prepare a Shakespearean monologue. From Hamlet is fine. Any age/gender is fine (if a 23 year old female wants to do a Lear monologue, please do!) 1-2min length please. Recalls will be reading monologues and scenes.

Date: 17th, 18th & 19th September. Please come on whichever day suits you
Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm start
Venue: Clean Break Studios, 2 Patshull Road, Kentish Town, NW5 2LB

Recalls will be on Saturday 21st September from 10am to 2pm. You will be called on Friday 20th if we’d like to see you again.3. Show Dates

We’ll be performing from Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th November at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. The shows will start at 7.30pm and you’ll need to be at the theatre at least an hour beforehand. The dress rehearsal will be on Monday 25th November. You will need to be free from midday onwards, possibly all day.

4. Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons/evenings. All rehearsals will be in central London.

5. Synopsis

It’s ‘Hamlet’. You know the story! This production is a modernisation where Hamlet will be played as a teenaged girl. Hamlet’s father dies, and her mother Gertrude marries her uncle Claudius very shortly afterwards. Her father appears to her as a ghost and tells her to avenge his death – her uncle is her father’s murderer. Hamlet, already grief-stricken and full of existential angst, tries to determine what’s right, and do her duty. Claudius meanwhile schemes to keep her under control, or to get rid of her, getting two of her school friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to spy on her. She pretends to go crazy to hide her planning, only her best friend Horatio knows the truth. Her affair with her childhood friend Ophelia (disapproved of by Ophelia’s family – her father and close advisor to Claudius, Polonius, and her older brother Laertes) provides both an excuse for her insanity, and an additional source of anguish. Hamlet arranges to have a play performed before Claudius, his reaction to it convinces her of his guilt. Gertrude, shocked by Hamlet’s behaviour, arranges to speak with her privately, but spied on by Polonius. Hamlet turns the conversation and berates Gertude then, hearing Polonius and thinking it’s Claudius, stabs and kills him. Polonius’ death at her lover’s hand drives Ophelia mad. Claudius sends Hamlet away to be killed. In his absence, Ophelia dies, and Laertes, hearing of his losses, is furious and wants to challenge Hamlet himself. Hamlet escapes Cladius’ attempt to kill him and returns home to find his lover dead. She agrees to fight Laertes, and Cladius plots a way to have her be killed during their ‘friendly’ bout. Poisoned blades and drinks switch hands, and Gertrude, Laertes, Claudius, and Hamlet are killed in the fight. Horatio alone is left to explain.

The original text (with cuts for time), will be played as current day. The focus will be on the interpersonal relationships and power dynamics, with the international politics as a muted threat in the background.

6. Cast Breakdown

I am very open in casting – gender/race/age and so on all very loose so the ages listed below are only a guide. I’m looking for people with a passion for the roles and a strong understanding of Shakespearean language (and the latter can be taught, I promise)

Hamlet (F, 15)

Intelligent, grieving, anxious, in the midst of an existential crisis.

Ophelia (F, 15 – will consider M)

Dutiful yet quietly rebellious, clever, sympathetic.

Horatio (M, 17 – will consider F)

Dedicated, studious, loyal.

Gertrude (F, 30+)

Experienced, pragmatic, guarded.

Claudius (M, 30+)

Powerful, hedonistic, manipulative.

Polonius (M, late 30s – will consider F)

Pedantic, bumper-sticker wise, adheres to structure.

Laertes (M, 20s – will consider F)

Brash, proud, passionate.

Ghost/ Player King aka First Player (M, 30+)

Marcellus/ Player Queen/ Gentleman/ Messenger (open)

Bernardo/ Rosencrantz/ Gravedigger 1 (open)

Francisco/ Guildenstern/ Gravedigger 2 (open)

Lucianus (player)/ Prologue/ Priest/ attendant/ Osric (open)

7. Crew

I’m looking for the following crew members;

– Set designer
– Costume designer
– Lighting designer
– Lighting & sound operator
– Stage Manager

If you’re interested in being in the crew please e-mail tech@kdctheare.com


Newcomers Winter 2013

Each season we hold a Newcomers Meeting where the directors will tell you more about their plays and the audition process. It’s a great way to find out more about the season and of course you can quiz the directors and committee too.

Date: Thursday 12 September
Time: Join us from 7pm for a drink. The meeting will start at 7.30pm
Venue: The White Swan, 20 Farringdon Street, Farringdon, EC4A 4AB

War of the Waleses, 12-25 August, Edinburgh Fringe

KDC has had many fine hours in the last few years, but undoubtedly one of its finest was when we performed War of the Waleses on the Dell Stage at Stratford-upon-Avon as part of the RSC Open Stages festival last year. Its co-writer and director Sarah Heenan is taking it to the Camden and Edinburgh Fringes.

Between them over the last 4 years, the cast and writers have been involved in The Priory, Dracula, Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Clockwork Orange, Ubu Rex, Ups and Downs, The Provok’d Wife, Summers Gone, The Long Run, She Ventures and He Wins and Anna Karenina. It doesn’t get any moreKDC than that!War of the Waleses is a stylish and highly acclaimed reimagining of the split of Charles & Diana, the fall of the Conservatives and the rise of New Labour performed as a witty Shakespearean history full of 90s Brit Pop nostalgia.

Do come along and support us and see why we are so proud of our new writing.

For more details and how to buy tickets, visit warofthewaleses.com

Stag Nation, 12-14 August, Camden Fringe

Trailer: http://youtu.be/jmexswQ9alc (with new show dates at end. ticket link in comments)
Ticket link: http://www.camdenfringe.com/details.php?acts_id=370

It’s the morning after the night before…

Gentlemen. This is a stag night. Not just a stag night, not just John’s stag night, but a link in the longest of long chains that bind men together. Another stag night in the history of millions…

So begins the story of the Lads, four macho, strapping young blokes, who have just celebrated their general awesomeness and abundant testosterone a mere two days before their Alpha Dog John’s wedding. They wake, epically hungover – bleary eyed, nauseated, yet satisfied knowing that they got more bloody wankered than anybody, ever.

This head-pounding satisfaction is shattered when they discover that, to their horror, they have awoken to a strange and terrifying new world. They, like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, have been cruelly and inexplicably transformed. An alignment of the planets or a cruel quirk of the gods, who can say, but the Lads have a painful day ahead if they’re to come to terms with this shocking new development.

Unapologetically absurd, crude, sneakily clever and happily rude, this broad new comedy pokes fun at lad culture, gender and sex stereotypes, while indulging in as much swearing, burping, and arse-scratching as possible.

And there’s a fight scene!

Inspired by the enthusiastic audience response from their recent run at the Lion & Unicorn in conjunction with KDC, the Proud and Illustrious Company of Actors known as the Beaver Kings, directed by Kat Wootton, humbly present a limited run of Stag Nation by Andrew Marchant as part of the 2013 Camden Fringe.

Our company hopes to make the Camden Fringe audience weep and/or pee themselves with laughter, and would love to keep the production going in other venues in the fall. We’re also planning to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

Tell all your friends. For the low low price of £10, 45 minutes of sheer hilarity can be yours!

Electra – Cast & Crew Biographies

Alison CowlingAlison Cowling (Servant)

Alison has been involved with many plays, musicals and Shakespeare productions in her hometown of Saffron Walden and credits include; Wendla (‘Spring Awakening’); Mrs Potts (‘Beauty and the Beast’) and Carol (‘Blitz’). She has worked with Frantic Assembly several times and on a devised production called ‘For You/About You’ performed at The Junction in Cambridge in 2012.
She is also a member of National Youth Theatre and in 2011 performed in a site specific performance ‘White City/Black Country’ at the Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, Birmingham. She loves to play music and plays a variety of string and woodwind instruments as well as writing and recording her own songs. This is her first production with KDC Theatre and she is looking forward to performing one of the great Greek tragedies!

Lisa FirechildLisa Firechild (Aegisthius)

The past year has been an emotional roller coaster for Lisa Firechild. From playing the Countess in ‘Snow White’ the panto (South London Theatre) to two Shakespeare tragedies at the same time: roles of Page/Servilius/Phrynia in ‘Timon of Athens’ (SLT) and role of Catesby in KDC’s ‘Richard III’. Followed immediately by happy, 20s style cuteness and Charleston-ing as Fay in SLT’s ‘The Boy Friend’, before performing in tragic ‘Electra’. She has also been choreographing and dancing her own classical ballet and Isis wings solo dances for rock bands and charity events. She looks forward to her next projects which include a film about trafficking and recording her own melancholy dream pop music.

Alexandra HedgesAlex Hedges (Orestes)

This is the second KDC show in which Alex has been cast as a man. She previously played King Ubu in ‘Ubu Rex’, as well as the (for once female!) pub landlord Urania in ‘She Ventures and He Wins’. Before joining KDC, she performed in a number of university productions, including ‘King Lear’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. Alex is excited to be treading the boards once more as Orestes, having taken a short break from acting to train as a teacher and to try her hand at directing.

Helen JacksonHelen Jackson (Chorus)

Helen first graced the stage as a tree in a nursery school performance of ‘There Was A Cabin In A Wood’, failing to sit down with the rest of the forest at the appropriate moment. Nothing much has changed since then, except for discovering a surprising love of anchovies and adding a few more theatrical notches to the belt. Previous highlights include performances as a biker named Sue Zuki, a rapping monkey, a husband tamer and another showstopping tree cameo.

Kat KilshawKatherine Kilshaw (Chrysothemis)

Kat studied drama at university and since graduating in 2009 has taken acting courses at Birkbeck College and City Academy. At university she acted in scenes from Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons’ and Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’. She currently works as a TA in a primary school. This is her first play with KDC and she’s greatly enjoyed the experience.

SONY DSCKate Moore (Chorus)

Kate has been performing with KDC for nine years now, but this is her first venture into Greek tragedy. She is particularly pleased that such an epically emotional play has been adapted into a very manageable 75 minutes, leaving plenty of time for gin-and-tonics in the bar afterwards. Her previous roles include Beatrice-Joanna in ‘The Changeling’, Bartley in ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ and – most recently – Florrie in KDC’s inaugural Halloween production of ‘Dracula’. Kate has invented an entire back story for her chorus character, “Maria”, and would be happy to recount all the soap-style ups and downs of her life over afore-mentioned gin beverages after the show.

Paula MountPaula Leigh Mount (Clytemnestra)

Paula is excited to be playing the part of kick-ass Queen, Clytemnestra. Not least because she gets to die on stage (oops, she hopes that hasn’t spoilt the ending?!). She’s found it a pleasure working with such a talented bunch and wishes everyone a fun and successful run.

Ami SawranAmi Sawran (Electra)

Taking a short break from fixing the farm animals of Hertfordshire, this is Ami’s second KDC production, after spending last season hanging out of a pair of Ninja Turtle boxers in ‘Stag Nation’. Being cast as Electra has done Ami a favour in many ways; she has stopped bothering to spend time and money on makeup because she only cries it off, plus she gets to shout at people without any fear of retribution. The downside of the role is that she gets no loo breaks, or at least opportunities to snaffle a mid-show Curly Wurly. This, we all know, is an utter travesty – here is an actress who truly knows suffering. Follow Amy’s Tweets @ayemiy

Sinead VaughanSinead Vaughan (Chorus)

A stranger to the world of theatre since her teenage years, this is Sinéad’s first performance with KDC.



Bethan Haycock (Director)

Bethan traditionally comes from an acting background so directing this play has been a thoroughly enjoyable departure for her. She spent her early years in Wales performing open-air Greek theatre and honing her skills in storytelling. This play has been a journey back to her very Welsh roots. Her feminist wiles have driven a female-dominant perspective on Electra’s bloodthirsty tale which she hopes you will enjoy.

Phil Hooks (Assistant Director)

Phil is a director, writer and actor. Recent credits include the following;
Directing: ‘The Babykillers’, Etcetera, Camden. ‘My Fair Lady’, Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds. ‘Sweeney Todd’, Royal Holloway, University of London
Writing: ‘Stop the Press!’, Etcetera, Camden. ‘The Babykillers’, Etcetera, Camden. Contributor to ‘News Revue’, Canal Cafe theatre,
Performance: ‘A Christmas Carol’ (Scrooge), Alexandra Palace theatre. ‘They Said it Would be Just Like Margate’, Victoria Park, Hackney.

Bones Cast Biographies

Billy HeadshotMoon: Billy Knowles

This is Billy’s second play with KDC after appearing in ‘Stags & Hens’ at The Landor Theatre. After a two year break, this will be his first production since ‘Shopping & F***ing’ at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. Drawn to playing comedy characters, other plays include ‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’, ‘Bacchus In Rehab’ (both at The Etcetera), ‘The Magnetic Lady’ (at The White Bear) and ‘Amore The Merrier?’ (at The Cockpit). Excited to return to the stage, Billy is delighted to be playing the character of Moon… and to try his hand at Geordie.

Dom WardBenny: Dom Ward

Dom Ward got into acting by accident, having been press-ganged into a production of The Entertainer in 2001. Having briefly cornered the market in romantic juveniles in shows such as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and The Hot Mikado he’s since broadened his range, playing everything from the Devil (Brimstone and Treacle) to (the front half of) a pantomime horse. Dom is delighted that after 20 years of following Newcastle United around the country he can finally put all that Geordie swearing he’s learnt to good use.

Nick EdwardsRuben: Nick Edwards

Why aye KDC-goers! Nick is excited to be working with KDC again after a two year hiatus. Nick’s previous shows have included Blood Brothers, The Graduate, Taking Steps and most recently The Deep Blue Sea. He is particularly excited to be working with Duncan at the Baron’s Court again, after getting typecast as ‘Italian’ following his previous role as Anthony in ‘Disappeared’. Shout abuse at me on twitter @cwej1

Piers BurnellReg: Piers Burnell

After a 2 year hiatus Piers is back and playing a gangster. Promised he would be supplied with a yellow pair of tight speedos and performing at El Barons Courto in Costa Del Sol with Ray Winstone he is slightly disappointed to be presented with a mucky pair of white Y-fronts to be worn in rainy West Kensington, UK with 4 Geordies.

Ric RentonBeck: Ric Renton

I was awarded this role ‘cos I’m the only Geordie in London, and KDC accept cheap bribes.

KDC Committee 2013-2014

Thanks to all who attended the AGM on Thursday 27 June.  Welcome to the new committee:

Chair – Emma Knott
Artistic Director – Andy Marchant
Treasurer – Richard Williams
Secretary – Juliet Colbert
Tech Team – Dave Balfour and Fiona Thomas
Publicity – Carrie Johnson
Social Team – Kim Morrison and Trina Hasthorpe
New Writing Coordinator – Matthew Partridge
Webmaster – William Baltyn
Executive Officer and Deputy Chair – Steph Urquhart