About Us

KDC Theatre (established 1945) is a Central London based charity dedicated to providing amateurs and resting professionals with an opportunity to create theatre.

All ages and experience are welcome and we currently have over 200 members on our books. To join, just sign up for the newsletter (no spam, guaranteed), like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.  The only subscriptions payable are if you get cast in a show. Everything else is free.

Look out for auditions, socials and workshops, all will be announced in our newsletter.

Our constitution can be viewed here. Our constitution was agreed at an Special General Meeting held on 13 September 2018 and KDC Theatre was entered in the Register of Charities on 18 September 2018, registration number 1179970.

The trustees serve a one year term and are elected at the AGM in July/August:

Sarah Dobson (Chair)
Saskia van ‘t Hoff (Artistic Director)
Hugo Wilson (Treasurer)
Stephen Reimer (Producer)
Helen Dickens (Secretary)

Look here for information about how to join the committee.

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    Privacy Policy

    Our full Privacy Policy can be found here. The main points are summarised below.

    KDC Theatre collects personal data about its members, consisting of name, email address and, where required, telephone numbers and photographs (such as headshots and rehearsal photographs). This data may be stored outside of the EU, on services that provide sufficient safeguards in line with EU privacy legislation.

    KDC Theatre does not sell personal data about its members under any circumstances. Data collected through the audition process is destroyed when no longer necessary for audition/backstage purposes.

    KDC Theatre reserves the right to publish provided photographs (such as headshots and rehearsal photographs) for use in promotional material both in print and on the web and to form part of an ongoing public archive of material.

    Unsubscribing from our weekly newsletter can be done by following the link at the foot of the email. If you wish to have other personal data removed from our systems, please use the contact form above.


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