Full Stack

The Full Stack project is KDC Theatre’s new writing competition and anthology show. Each year we set a new theme and brief, and invite writers to submit new short plays.

THE BRIEF for 2021

This year YOU decided our theme. We asked for your suggestions on Facebook and then you voted on Twitter from a shortlist. And you have spoken – this year’s Full Stack theme is:


So consider this the invitation to writers to get out your keyboards and write something entirely new! We’re looking for short scripts in any genre for an anthology show in the summer, so get your thinking caps on.

The full brief for submissions is as follows:

  • Theme: Obsession
  • Mandatory prop to use or mention: bottle of cheap wine

The format for Full Stack is designed to encourage simplicity and efficiency of storytelling, so submissions need to:

  • Be no longer than 4 sides of A4 paper (ie. about 8 minutes)
  • Have no more than 3 actors needed
  • Include your name & date written
  • Submitted before 26 March 2021

Your script can be shorter than 4 pages, and/or have more than 3 characters (as long as 3 actors can portray them all). You can submit as many scripts as you like!

Please send your scripts to newwriting@kdctheatre.com, by 26 March. Happy writing!

the summer show

The winning scripts will make up our Full Stack summer show; an anthology production of 10-12 short plays all around the same theme and brief, staged at one of the London venues KDC Theatre work with.

The summer show takes place in June and runs for 5 nights.

The show is directed by 4-6 different directors whom each will take on a set of plays, and work with the winning writers to ensure their plays are ready for performance.

Writers are always encouraged to come and see the show!

Direct for full stack!

Want to direct something right now? You’re in luck! We are looking for a number of directors for the stage show, which will be performed this summer.

Please go HERE and fill out the form with your details and our New Writing Coordinator will be in touch for a quick chat about casting, rehearsals, the show, Zoom, social distancing, and all the other fun stuff!


For more information or questions, contact our New Writing Coordinator via our contact page.