Carried Away – Cast List

A big thank you to everyone who auditioned for the 2019 Summer season. The lucky ensemble performing this year’s selection of scripts are:

Jamila Jennings-Grant
Rhydian Harris
Paul Ringo
Sarah Dobson
Govind Hodgson
Tom Cunningham
Owen Davis-Walker
Henry Parker
Ben Pearson
Sarah Barlin
Holly Gibbons

Carried Away – Scripts and authors

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for this year’s new writing competition. As ever, the quality was very high, but we can only do so much in a season. If you have other new writing, short and long, please get in touch via our contact form and we’ll tell you how you can submit other pieces.

The chosen pieces for this year are:

Aubergine – Mark Daniels
Asportari – Jon Deery
Date – Matthew Fisher
Death of a Mime – L H Grant
Necessary – Ivo de Jager
One Lucky Country – Thom Jordan
The New Woman – Charles Leipart
Alice in Therapy – Vivian C Lermond
Rebel – Andy Marchant
Vortex – Jim Moss
Merits of Risking an Anal Probe – Scott Mullen
Fairies – Adam Szudrich
Jessica – James Taverner
They’re Coming to Take Me Away – Niall Urquhart
High Score – Matt Wixey

Summer season imminent

No sooner have we brought lights down on the Spring Season (massive congratulations to our productions’ cast and crew for their amazing 3 shows), it’s time to kick off our Summer Season, launching on Monday!

No rest, more theatre to create! Join us Monday 15th April at the Hoop & Grapes pub and meet the rest of our merry band, hear from directors and generally have a merry old time.

Carried Away

Want to dip your toe in a nice manageable acting project this Spring?

We’re looking for actors to be in our Full Stack new writing showcase which this year it’s title and theme is: Carried Away.

After over a hundred submissions our team of directors are whittling it down to around fifteen 4-6 minute plays.

By auditioning for Carried Away you get the opportunity to potentially play very different characters, giving yourself an acting challenge and to display your versatility.

It’s also a great way to meet new people or catch up with KDC friends, as our showcase rehearsals are always very sociable and with a large number of people involved, there’s always someone up for a drink!

To find out more about how we audition and what the scripts might be, com along on Monday 15th April, 7pm at the Hoop and Grapes, Farringdon Road.

Listen… it’s Hush Now

And to close out our spring season, we bring you a psychological horror of a family dealing with their own tragedy. Physical theatre, shadow puppets, and an intimate soundscape delivered through personal headphones, come experience the world of Hush Now.

2-6 April, 7:30pm, Barons Court Theatre, £14/£10.

Box office: 020 8932 4747. Cash only!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0-724x1024.jpg
Hush Now is a supernatural tale of a family fractured by grief. A multisensory experience of physical theatre, puppetry & immersive sound, the play centres around Penny, a teenager haunted by her own guilt. She navigates the world in a new way since her father was taken from her, but as the pain she feels festers and grows, so does the monster that begins to torment her…

Hand to God, all this week

Much congratulations to the cast of Maybe Radio, but there’s no rest for the wicked as we move straight on to this week’s “presentation”:

Hand to God flyer
This March Tyrone is taking over the Barons Court Theatre. Book your tickets now to see this hilarious blood-dark comedy.

Advisory: This show contains explicit, sexual and sacrilegious content by both humans and puppets. You have been warned…

26-30 March, 7:30pm, Barons Court Theatre, £14/£10.

Box office: 020 8932 4747.

Maybe Radio opening next week!

Our season opens with our very own rip-roaring Russian comedy, Maybe Radio, next week at the Barons Court Theatre! This one’s already selling fast so get on the phone quick quick so you don’t miss out!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MaybeRadio_image_orig.jpg
Moscow’s number hit music station is launching their annual phone-in charity fundraiser … or at least they would be, if their biggest rivals hadn’t already stolen their theme. Join the DJs and station management as they try to save the day whilst dealing with endangered animals, suspicious pies, the Russian navy, office romance and of course – the best musical acts. After all, this is – Maybe Radio.

19-23 March, 7:30pm, Barons Court Theatre, £14/£10.

Box office: 020 8932 4747.

New Writing callout

Once again it’s time to get your pens out (well, laptops I suppose) and get creative for our summer show “Carried Away”. We’re looking for very short scripts to produce for a week performance in July, so if you’ve always wanted to get into writing, or want a new challenge, this is for you!

Full details here

Spring Season Cast Lists

Big thanks to everyone who auditioned! We are very happy to announce our casts for this season, congratulations to all of these humans:

Maybe Radio

Tom Cunningham
Will Baltyn
Tom Rebuffa
Beth Coldridge
Danielle Caparetti
Aila Mamedova
Sarah Borg
Sandor Kiss
Nick Mouton

Hand to God

Nick Edwards
Neil Forster
Govind Hodgson
Grace Arnold
Kate Moore

Hush Now

Abby Enoch
Alex Lopez
Elly Collingwood
Grace MacDougall
Lucy Spreckley
Michaela Mackenzie

Auditions this week

The spring season is go! Was great to meet everyone at the launch party, I’ve mostly got over my hangover now. So it’s time to assemble our casts!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 6:40pm at Deptford Lounge. Come any evening you like, and you can audition for all three shows on a single evening. You don’t need to prepare anything, and all the details are in the notices above.

Season Launch Party

Curtains up for the new productions — come find out about them, direct from the directors (so to speak)! Our season launch party is this week, Thursday 10 January. From 7pm, upstairs at the Hoop & Grapes pub. See you there!

Audition information