KDC Committee

KDC is a charitable organisation run by trustees (who are elected by the members) who are assisted by a wider organising committee.

Sarah Dobson — Chair
Carl Fletcher — Artistic Director
Sarah Beebe — Treasurer
Saskia van ‘t Hoff — New Writing Coordinator
Stephen Reimer — Producer
Aneirin Evans — Publicity
Anna Markland, Graham James, Matthew Partridge — Executive Officers

In advance of the next AGM (usually held in July/August of each year), we will open nominations for committee. In advance of this, if you would like to discuss joining committee, click here to contact KDC’s Chair directly.

Unless otherwise specified, we are not looking for any specific skills for open committee positions (although do tell us if you’ve got some skills that match the roles below!), just people with a bit of time to spare and plenty of enthusiasm.

Update: During April 2021, we will be opening applications for the position of Treasurer with a handover beginning in May 2021. To find out more, click here.

Roles on the committee

  • Chair (Organises the people! The guiding light of our merry band)
  • Artistic Director (Sets the artistic tone of each season, chooses show pitches & artistically what the group should be aiming for, guides and mentors directors)
  • Treasurer (Manages the accounts for the group, sets the budget for the year)
  • Producer (Books theatres and manages the relationship with theatre managers, liaising with directors and theatres about production)
  • Secretary (Keeps minutes for meetings and who-does-what. A spreadsheet master)
  • New Writing Co-ordinator (Manages the new writing programme, mentoring writers and developing scripts for production)
  • Publicity (Manages our social presence on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and publishes to our emailing list to get people excited to create or watch KDC shows)
  • Webmaster (Looks after the website, making sure it’s up to date and presents us well, as well as refreshing / rewriting the site occasionally)
  • Tech Officer (Makes sure all the shows can be seen and heard, and it isn’t just people speaking in the dark)
  • Lockup Co-ordinator (Props, costumes, keeper of all the treasures)
  • Social Secretary (Gets people to the pub. Shouldn’t be too hard…)
  • Executive Officer (Let’s say you want to be involved but don’t want a particular fixed role? This is the role for you.)

Joining the committee

Trustees are be elected at a General Meeting of KDC, usually the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or may be co-opted during the year by a vote of Trustees. Other roles on the wider organising committee are filled by non-trustees, who are elected at the AGM as a matter of convention rather than requirement. 

At the AGM, nominees for trustee will be elected to fulfil an ‘officer’ role or another role on the organising committee. There are three named ‘officers’ of KDC who must be trustees of the charity: Chair, Artistic Director and Treasurer. 

You are eligible to stand as a trustee if you are a full member of KDC at the time of the general meeting (see ‘Who is a full member?’ below).

Throughout the year, the trustees may co-opt non-trustees to specific roles on KDC’s organising committee by a simple vote.

Any questions, contact us!

Who is a full member?

You will be considered a full member if, during the 12 months prior to a general meeting where a vote takes place, you have

  1. been involved in the running of the charity as a member of the organising committee, or 
  2. been involved in a show, as a director, actor, production, crew or some other role.

The list of full members is kept up to date by the committee, with the names of actors and directors added automatically. Directors of each KDC show are asked to submit the names of anyone else involved in their production who should be added to the list.

Full details on membership, voting rights and the appointment of trustees can be found in the KDC Constitution.

Committee Nominations

Any full member can submit a nomination for the KDC committee positions.

To nominate someone for election at the AGM, complete the below form prior to the general meeting. The Notice of the general meeting includes the deadline for submissions.

Click this link to read the Notice of the KDC AGM 2020.


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