13 by Mike Bartlett

KDC Theatre presents Mike Bartlett’s “13”

02 – 06 April 2024
at Drayton Arms Theatre

Tickets: £16.50 (KDC members £12)


The UK’s Prime Minister need to decide if she will join the US in invading Iran and starting a war in the process, or securing another term in office.

When John comes back from mysteriously disappearing a few years ago and starts preaching against war, he gains a big following that could sway the UK government’s decision on the war against Iran.

Iranian British academic Amir wants his family to be safe, but his girlfriend Rachel isn’t sure he is going about it the right way.

What do the dreams about the apocalypse have to do with all of this? And why do so many people in the UK have the exact same one, at the exact same time?

13 is a political drama that weaves seemingly small threads of personal stories into a tapestry of global politics. A complex play that deals with choices, war and peace, and doing the right thing versus the good thing.

Content warnings: Graphic discussions of war and death, suggestions of prostitution. 


John: Jibreel Salaam
Ruth: Grace Over
Holly: Olivia Cordell
Edith: Jenni Wredden
Mark: Ricardo Dines
Amir: Ram Noureddine
Rachel: Aden Cotter
Stephen: Iain Prest
Sarah: Steffanie Freedoff
Dennis: Stephen Reimer
Ruby / Carol: Vaaruni Nayak
Alice / Fiona: Marina Norman
Martin / Rob / Paul: Rufus Walkden
Liam / Busker / Figure in Black: Daniele Di Bernardo
Sir Christopher / Policeman / Heckler / Terry: Nathan Beeter
Shannon / Esther: Helen Dickens
Zia / Fiona: Jen Zhao


Director: Saskia van ‘t Hoff
Assistant Directors: Aimee Farrar, Simon Berry