Zoomed Out: Programme

Fully live streamed on 31 March, 1 & 2 April at 7:30pm, including pieces from:

Tis Pity She’s a Whore and Carried Away (2019)
 Future Imperfect (2018)
 What Keeps Me Awake (2017)
 Romeo & Juliet (2015)

And a special newly produced segment from A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

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Showrunner’s notes

*thinks*…How to write about the last year without any overused phrases like “unprecedented times” or “new normal”…

Well it’s been a year, hasn’t it! A whole 12 months, and we’ve all learned a bunch of things we didn’t want to ever know. I count the intricacies of video conferencing firmly in that dataset. But with the bulk of the worst behind us (I desperately hope this sentence doesn’t age badly) and KDC’s upcoming return to theatres (get involved!), I decided as a last hurrah to the social distance we might do a little reprise of some of our favourite recent productions. In the new normal (dammit) that we’ve all come to know and tolerate, what if those pieces happened this year.

And what a silly lovely few weeks it’s been to see all these familiar, missed, faces. I hope you enjoy our little presentation, and I really hope that we can see you in the bar in the near future!

…Carl – Artistic Director, KDC Theatre.


The Cream Coloured Clock by the Bed by the Door 

by Catrin Fflur Huws

Danielle Florence – Director

Danielle was born and raised on an island in Canada, went to drama school at the same place as the guy from Silicon Valley and then moved to Korea for a year to eat her weight in bibimbap. Since coming to London she’s appeared in many KDC shows and directed one. This is her first time writing anything that will be staged, which is likely to be obvious. During the day, she works at Theatre Deli as their Marketing Department.

Gemma Bowles – Woman

Gemma is delighted to be working with KDC again along with such a fantastic cast and crew. She has been acting for far too long and her past credits include, Woman, Cream Coloured Clock (part of Future Imperfect), Hilary, The Woman who cooked her Husband and Maggie, Hobson’s Choice

Tis Pity She’s a Whore: Donado & Bergetto.

by John Ford

Nick Mouton – Director

Previous shows he’s directed for the company include Junk, Noir, Female Transport, Tiger at the Gates and The Ghost Train. He’s also directed The Devils, Whose Life is it Anyway? and You Can’t Take It With You for Sedos. Nick’s other passion is new writing and has had the chance to direct pieces for Director’s Cut Theatre Company, So It Goes Theatre, The Brockley Jack Studio, The 10 Minute Collective and Horatio Productions. @nickmouton

Stephen Russell – Donado

Stephen, having inadvertently become typecast in historical roles, is proud to add Donado to his roles in Hamlet, King Lear, Gormenghast & Journey’s End, and as Frankenstein, Voltaire, Henry Higgins, Alan Turing, Tony Blair & John Major. He might try the 21st century one day, but notes it isn’t going very well.

Adam Moulder – Bergetto

Adam has performed in a few KDC shows over the years, starting with The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui back in 2009. He’s also been seen in The Priory and The Arsonists and as co-writer and Assistant Director on Summer’s Gone. Adam started acting as a teenager back in Essex where his first role was the Artful Dodger.

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare 

Duncan Moore – Director

Govind Hodgson – Romeo

This is Govind’s 12th year clinging to KDC and he would like to give a special thank you to the KDC committee for accepting the bribe that made his involvement in this production possible. 

Matt Tylianakis – Mercutio

It’s been a couple of years since Matt’s last KDC production, having more recently appeared in Sweeney Todd (Spread Eagle Players), Our Country’s Good and You Can’t Take It With You (Sedos)… and he’s super excited to be here with this amazing cast! His favourite colour is Pantone 187C.

The Most Lamentable Comedy, and the Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisby

by William Shakespeare (scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Duncan Moore – Director

Sarah Edwards – Assistant Director

Aoife Spengeman – Quince

Aoife is from Cork in Ireland, where she was active in the theatre scene growing up. Currently living in London, she has recently re-engaged with acting during the pandemic through film and digital theatre. Some recent credits include ‘Getting Nowhere’; and Sneer in The Critic (Sedos). She’s also a member of the Out of Nowhere Collective. She is very excited to perform with KDC Theatre for the first time. 

Sarah Beebe – Bottom

Despite spending loads of time chatting and rehearsing on Zoom this past year, this is Sarah’s first time performing online. Gulp. Luckily, however, she has done Shakespeare for KDC before, after performing in All’s Well That Ends Well in 2008, Measure for Measure in 2012, Romeo & Juliet in 2015, Love Shakespeare in 2016, and assistant directing Othello in 2018. She is enjoying taking this one less seriously.

Matthew Aldridge – Flute

‘Zoomed Out’ is Matt’s first involvement with KDC, but not his first time cross-dressing for a play. Prior to this he was involved in a run of ‘NSFW’ at the Camden & Edinburgh Fringe Festivals with Not I Theatre, and spent most of his university days with UCL’s drama society.
Away from the stage, Matt is a trainee patent attorney and he hasn’t given the show link to any of his colleagues.
Matt will be directing in this year’s ‘Full Stack’ production – be sure to audition!

James Cross – Starveling

This is James’ third production with KDC (fourth if you count a lockdown postponement) following The Ghost Train and Seeds. He started out in acting as a teenager and then spent ten years in the wilderness before returning to the stage as part of a quarter life crisis at 30.

Grace Aldridge – Snout

Grace has always been into theatre and spent most of her uni days spending far too much time rehearsing rather than doing actual work. She has been in a few KDC shows, most recently ‘Hand to God’, but is excited to perform on a slightly different stage in this production. She wants to thank Duncan for seeing the potential in her ability to play A Wall, and all her lovely and talented cast mates for a great few weeks of playing around! 

Nick Edwards – Snug

Nick has been acting in shows in London for over a decade since his first KDC show ‘Six Degrees of Separation’. He has been lucky enough to work with Duncan on a number of occasions including most recently as the duel role of Jason and Tyrone the puppet in ‘Hand To God’.

 Ill Comes Forth     

by Rachael Carnes

Directed by Aneirin George 

Aneirin has been working on this theatre lark for many years now and is excited (and grateful) to be taking part in a second KDC Full Stack extravaganza. This year as well as directing/hopefully arranging for comedy to occur on stage. He is taking a new step and learning how to make “that social media thing” say what he wants it to.

Alex Lopez- Richard

Alexander has been acting since secondary school and has enjoyed performing in a variety of roles in many plays over the years. Whilst studying chemistry at UCL, he was heavily involved in the drama society there and performed in several of their productions. He played a leading role in Not I Theatre Company’s production of Lucy Kirkwood’s NSFW which he performed at the Camden and Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. Alexander joined KDC Theatre in 2017 after leaving UCL to work for Monzo and has had prominent roles in their last two seasons. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with KDC and looks forward to working with them in their upcoming seasons.


written by Mark Daniels 

Directed by Aneirin George

Sarah Barlin – Emma

Tom Cunningham– Aaron

Tom has appeared in many theatre productions in London and Brighton, and Zoomed Out will be his fifth time performing for KDC. It is also his second Zoom performance with the company, having also appeared in last year’s digital full stack event. He has had a great time playing Aaron in Aubergine and hopes you enjoy the show.