Stag Nation, 12-14 August, Camden Fringe

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It’s the morning after the night before…

Gentlemen. This is a stag night. Not just a stag night, not just John’s stag night, but a link in the longest of long chains that bind men together. Another stag night in the history of millions…

So begins the story of the Lads, four macho, strapping young blokes, who have just celebrated their general awesomeness and abundant testosterone a mere two days before their Alpha Dog John’s wedding. They wake, epically hungover – bleary eyed, nauseated, yet satisfied knowing that they got more bloody wankered than anybody, ever.

This head-pounding satisfaction is shattered when they discover that, to their horror, they have awoken to a strange and terrifying new world. They, like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, have been cruelly and inexplicably transformed. An alignment of the planets or a cruel quirk of the gods, who can say, but the Lads have a painful day ahead if they’re to come to terms with this shocking new development.

Unapologetically absurd, crude, sneakily clever and happily rude, this broad new comedy pokes fun at lad culture, gender and sex stereotypes, while indulging in as much swearing, burping, and arse-scratching as possible.

And there’s a fight scene!

Inspired by the enthusiastic audience response from their recent run at the Lion & Unicorn in conjunction with KDC, the Proud and Illustrious Company of Actors known as the Beaver Kings, directed by Kat Wootton, humbly present a limited run of Stag Nation by Andrew Marchant as part of the 2013 Camden Fringe.

Our company hopes to make the Camden Fringe audience weep and/or pee themselves with laughter, and would love to keep the production going in other venues in the fall. We’re also planning to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

Tell all your friends. For the low low price of £10, 45 minutes of sheer hilarity can be yours!