KDC Awards Night and End of Year Celebration

We’re holding the first annual KDC Awards Night on Saturday 23 July, 8pm. We’ll be handing out awards, getting together with casts from the past year, and having a good old time. 

Bored of the same-old standard awards categories? Us too. Rather than best actor, best director etc, we’re opting for awards that recognise some great moments in each show from the past year. We’ll be sharing more details and how to cast your votes in the week of the event.

If you’ve been involved in – or have seen – a KDC show in the last year, come along to cheer on the nominees as we celebrate a fabulous time spent making some great theatre together.

Venue: The top floor @ The Castle, 44 Commercial Road, London E1 1LN (venue)

Tickets: £8.50

Call time: 8pm

Your entrance: Arrival bubbles (on us)

Dress code: Up to you of course, but we’ll be dressed to the nines

Awards ceremony: From 8.30pm, with an interval. Featuring some familiar KDC faces from the last year. An excuse to remember some of your favourite moments from each show, and to celebrate a fabulous time creating theatre together.

Post awards: Dancing and drinks till the early hours- same venue


  • What’s the vibe? Irreverent, informal with a touch of glamour.
  • Who will be there? Cast, crew and KDC-ers new and old.
  • Do I have to be a member of KDC or have been in a show in the last year to come? Not at all. Everyone’s welcome. Come with your friends, former cast mates or just come by yourself to get to know KDC- we’re a friendly bunch. Plus ones welcome.
  • Should I eat beforehand? Yes, if you think you’ll be hungry. If you forget to eat earlier and fancy ordering takeout later in the night to the dancefloor, that’s A-OK with the venue.
  • Will there be awards for best actor, director, etc? We thought about this for a minute but we’re not really looking to judge our wonderful cast, creatives and crew. Look out for awards categories that celebrate the love and sweat that goes into each show.
  • Will there be any performances from shows I’ve missed on the night? There might be, yes…
  • What does the ticket cost cover? Welcome drinks and the costs of putting on the event.

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