Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

by Sam Steiner
Tue 23 Nov – Sat 27 Nov, Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Tickets available here

Twitter finished. Demagogues tamed. Every carriage now the quiet carriage.

Bernadette and Oliver aren’t happy all the time. That would be weird!
You need some bad times in any relationship, to appreciate the good – a little light and shade. And the law now limits citizens to one hundred and forty words per day, so it’s a little difficult to communicate, especially with so many of those words spent on protest. But still, they understand each other easily enough. They’re doing fine. Right?

Lemons… is an examination of priorities in a time of censorship. Connection, oppression, oversharing, air horns, and cats.

BERNADETTE: Aoife Spengeman
OLIVER: David Hepburn

Director: Lloyd Smith
Assistant Director: Sarah Berryman
Movement: Wing-Ho Lin

Tickets available here