Directing with KDC

directingWe are looking for directors for 2018 and 2019.

Unusually among amateur groups, directors for KDC can choose the play they want to do. Our main criteria are that we haven’t done the show recently and that there should be sufficient parts for our members (so we favour large cast productions >10 people!). From the productions we are looking for a range of parts to give variety to our members. Plays with a good proportion of female characters (or directors that are willing to be flexible with their casting) are also popular with us as, in common with many amateur theatres we have more female members than men.

Once you have been chosen then you will have complete creative and directorial freedom. We book the venue, rehersal space and organise auditions – the rest is up to you. How you run your auditions or your rehersals is entirely at your discretion.

If you work with a regular team of designers, costumiers and assistants then so much the better. If not then we can often find some of our members who are keen to help in some capacity.


If you are interested in directing for us then you can apply using this form:

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If your pitch is selected then we’ll ask you for a chat, here are the sort of things we’ll want to talk about:

  • Why did you choose the play/plays?
  • What ideas do you have for staging?
  • What previous directing experience do you have? (don’t be put off if you haven’t – we have lots of ideas for first timers)
  • How would you run your auditions and rehearsals?
  • How will you make your rehearsals fun for the cast?
  • How would you discipline people who turn up late, are disruptive or don’t learn their lines?
  • What sort of production team (i.e. stage manager, lighting and/or sound operator) might you require and if you have anyone in mind.
  • What would you spend your budget on? (We will give you a budget and would like to know how you plan to keep control of it)
  • What problems have you had to deal with if you’ve directed a show in the past and how have you solved them?