Directing with KDC

directingWe will soon be looking for pitches for Autumn 2020. We are looking for pitches for two production weeks in mid-late November.

General Hints and Tips

The KDC pitch form is always open to submit pitches. We are open to having a chat about future productions at any time. Pitches don’t need to be tied to a season.

If you are keen to direct in a particular season, it can be good to have more than one pitch. This gives flexibility to progress the pitch that fits best with KDC and the rest of the season we are shaping. To pitch for more than one play, just complete the pitch form a second time. There isn’t a limit on how many pitches you can submit.

Group pieces are our favourite. We want to give opportunities for quite a few actors to take part in good size roles, so we will look at the number of actors needed for each pitch. We like plays that involve at least 5 people. More is better. 

We try to select plays that cater to our membership. We look for casting that reflects the diversity of London and the profile of auditionees. Two thirds of KDC auditionees are women aged in their twenties or thirties.

If your pitch is successful, we will apply for any performance rights needed. However, sometimes the rights for plays are unavailable. To avoid disappointment, we invite directors to submit a rights-free production pitch to act as a back-up if their first choice isn’t available.


If you are interested in directing for us then you can apply using this form:

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If your pitch is selected then we’ll ask you for a chat, here are the sort of things we’ll want to talk about:

  • Why did you choose the play/plays?
  • What ideas do you have for staging?
  • What previous directing experience do you have? (don’t be put off if you haven’t – we have lots of ideas for first timers)
  • How would you run your auditions and rehearsals?
  • How will you make your rehearsals fun for the cast?
  • How would you discipline people who turn up late, are disruptive or don’t learn their lines?
  • What sort of production team (i.e. stage manager, lighting and/or sound operator) might you require and if you have anyone in mind.
  • What would you spend your budget on? (We will give you a budget and would like to know how you plan to keep control of it)
  • What problems have you had to deal with if you’ve directed a show in the past and how have you solved them?