Obsession: Programme

KDC’s 5th annual Full Stack show is staged at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre from 29 June to 03 July 2021.

About Obsession

Obsession is part of Full Stack, a new writing competition that KDC has run for the past five years. Each year, the winning plays are staged in an anthology show of short plays on the same theme. The production features actors playing multiple characters in multiple plays, directed by different directors.

This year’s theme of ‘Obsession’ was picked by KDC’s community on Facebook and Twitter. From over a hundred submissions, our team of directors selected 10 scripts.

The show will run without an interval.


This year’s Full Stack production is dedicated to the memory of Amy Oestreicher (1987 – 2021). Amy was an artist, performer, speaker and author, and one of the writers whose script is being performed tonight.

Running order


  • Cast: Grace Aldridge, Matt Aldridge
  • Director: Matt Aldridge
  • Writer: Alan Kirkpatrick


  • Cast: Aoife Spengeman
  • Director: Florence Oliveira
  • Writer: Natascha Graham

Maybe This Time

  • Cast: Ian Green, Jacky Rowland
  • Director: Matt Aldridge
  • Writer: Carl Fletcher

Hi, Hoe!

  • Cast: Grace Aldridge, Aoife Spengeman
  • Director: Jess Rogers
  • Writer: Jen Moss


  • Cast: Sara Odeen-Isbister
  • Director: Jess Rogers
  • Writer: Jamie Lakritz

Grocery Shopping; It’s a War Zone Out There

  • Cast: Sarah Berryman, Jannina Brosowsky, Carl Fletcher, James Taverner
  • Director: Jannina Brosowsky
  • Writer: Amy Oestreicher

I’m Not Susan Norton

  • Cast: Ian Green
  • Director: Jess Rogers
  • Writer: Nick Mouton

The Bird Trap

  • Cast: Jacky Rowland
  • Director: Jannina Brosowsky
  • Writer: Darren Donohue

The Next Best Thing

  • Cast: Grace Aldridge, James Taverner, Carl Fletcher
  • Director: Matt Aldridge
  • Writer: Olly Clifford

All’s Will that Ends Will

  • Cast: Sarah Berryman, Ian Green, Sara Odeen-Isbister
  • Director: Florence Oliveira
  • Writer: Barry Wood



Olly Clifford
Darren Donohue
Carl Fletcher
Natascha Graham
Alan Kirkpatrick
Jamie Lakritz
Jen Moss
Jamie Lakritz
Amy Oestreicher
Barry Wood


Showrunner and Producer: Saskia van ‘t Hoff

Tech: Lloyd Smith


Florence Oliveira

Florence’s love for theatre started at school, when she took a part time job to fund weekend classes at Mountview. Since graduating from the Guildford School of Acting in 2018, Florence has performed in large-scale immersive theatre such as The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival, and several short films with her feminist film collective ‘Femme-Fatale Films’. Most recently, she has performed in a short online comedy with the UnDisposables and the Space Theatre, and will tour the South East of England with the all-female theatre company Bacchae Theatre. This will be Florence’s directorial debut with KDC, and she hopes to be able to apply all she’s learned as an actor, such as the Meisner technique, to help with directing for the first time.

Matt Aldridge

Full Stack is Matt’s first time directing with KDC, previous directing credits include ‘Rhinoceros’ at The Shaw Theatre, and an inebriated interpretation of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. 

Matt initially wanted to become a director after finishing university – but (after pitching an exceptionally ill-judged version of Macbeth at the interview) is training to be a patent attorney instead.

Jess Rogers

Jess has been completely in love with theatre since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She has been in various shows with KDC, even participating in an earlier version of Full Stack, and has loved every second of it. This is her first time directing and is very grateful for such a brilliant show to do it in. 

Jess feels directing has brought together three of her great loves; acting, improvisation and facilitating. She is a leadership trainer by day, an improviser in the group Banana Hut Gang and now, a KDC director. 

Jannina Brosowsky

Jannina Brosowsky is a German theatre maker and workshop facilitator focusing on participatory and inclusive theatre in community settings. She directed and devised various community performances in Berlin and internationally. Further, she is a Media Educator and participatory filmmaker.


Grace Aldridge

Grace has always been into theatre and spent most of her uni days spending far too much time rehearsing rather than doing actual work. She has been in a few KDC shows, most recently ‘Hand to God’, and ‘Zoomed Out’, but is excited to perform again on stage for the first time in a long time! She would like to thank all of the wonderful directors and Saskia for giving her the opportunity to act again.

Sarah Berryman

Sarah is from a part of New Zealand you’ve probably never heard of and spends her days in the IT department at a performing arts venue. She bid farewell to the hobbits more than a decade ago and ended up in London following stints in Melbourne and South Korea. Her first ever role was as a giant chicken in a papier-mâché head on the primary school stage which eventually led to a Theatre Studies degree. In London she has appeared with SEDOS in Urinetown (Soupy Sue), Earthquakes in London (Grace/Ensemble), You Can’t Take It With You (Essie), Priscilla Queen of the Desert – The Musical, Soho Cinders and Reefer Madness. She’s thrilled to be taking part in her first show with KDC!

Carl Fletcher

Carl is continuing his vain and futile attempt to have an entry in every section of a programme, like a terrible egotistical fringe ‘auteur’. If you want a vision of the future, imagine his name listed over and over again, forever. Carl would probably prefer a less psychopathic writeup. Perhaps his casting in this show should raise some red-flags… ah well, something for future therapists to deal with.

Ian Green

Ian is very happy to be returning to the group that was welcoming/brave/foolish enough to give him his amateur dramatics debut over 5 years ago. He’s performed with KDC a few times and was lucky enough to have one of his pieces performed at a previous Full Stack event. Recently, Ian has been performing online in a number of plays and two musicals with Playing Around Players and, though it was a huge amount of fun and excellent for his mental health, he is both relieved and delighted to finally be able to leave the house and return to a physical stage!

Sara Odeen-Isbister

Sara has been a little bit obsessed with acting since joining a beginners class 4 years ago. Many courses later, she finally hit the stage in 2019 playing Lady Macduff and the Doctor in Macbeth at Theatro Technis and the eccentric Miss Derek in A Passage to India at Tower Theatre last year. During the pandemic she’s appeared in a number of Tower’s online rehearsed readings and recently made a (small) foray into short films. This is her first KDC production. When not acting Sara works as a journalist.

Jacky Rowland

Jacky Rowland is excited to be playing two very different roles in this year’s Full Stack show. She is passionate about contemporary theatre and edgy new writing, so these short plays on the theme of Obsession are right up her street. Jacky is currently on the MA Professional Acting program at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. She also has an Acting Diploma from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Aoife Spengeman

Aoife has returned to the theatre scene in the last year after several years of a hiatus. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, she is excited to perform on the London stage. Recent productions include Broadway Mania’s ‘In the Heights’, and Sneer in ‘The Critic’. She is excited to perform the excellent new writings of ‘Obsession’.

James Taverner

James is excited to perform in a KDC production for the first time, after being lucky enough to see one of his scripts performed in the 2019 Full Stack show. His past roles include The Cowardly Lion (The Wizard of Oz, Beijing Playhouse), an “unnecessary and annoying” troubadour (Road Music, Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and the glamorous and much sought-after part of “Third Dung Beetle” (The Insect Play, Cambridge ADC).

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