KDC Membership

getting involved

KDC Theatre runs auditions three times a year for our spring, summer and autumn seasons. All auditions are advertised through our showdown email, Facebook, Twitter and on the website.

Auditioning for all KDC Theatre shows is free and is open to non-members. Attending social events, readthroughs and other events (unless otherwise stated) is free and open to non-members.

Alongside the annual membership fee, a participation fee will be due when you are cast in one of our productions or when you sign-up for a course.

Rehearsals run for approximately eight weeks before the show, three times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday day / early evenings.

Directing, producing and any backstage roles do not typically have an associated participation fee, but you will usually need to become a KDC member if you are not one already.

If you are a writer, unless you are involved in a new writing course, you won’t need to become a KDC member or pay a participation fee. (We are always on the lookout for new writing – check out our annual Full Stack competition.)

Membership subs

Memberships subs are payable annually as a recurring payment which you can cancel at any time. Use the button below to pay by debit/credit card.

When you are cast in a show or sign-up for a course, a participation fee will also be payable.

Membership Fee

Annual Membership Subscription: £30

Pay the subscription by clicking one of the buttons below (includes Paypal processing fee).

The membership has been set to be a recurring yearly payment. If you would prefer to pay each year at a time, please either cancel the subscription via your Paypal account, or contact us to cancel for you.

participation fees

As a charity, KDC is committed to being accessible regardless of a person’s level of income. By selecting the right participation fee from the options below, you are supporting KDC to give more people the opportunity to create theatre.

Participation Fee (Actor in a production)
  • High Income: £45
  • Mid Income: £30
  • Low Income: £15

All fees must be paid in the first two weeks of rehearsals.

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Participation Fee (New Writing Course, November 2022)
  • High Income: £65
  • Mid Income: £50
  • Low Income: £35

All fees must be paid by the start of the course.

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Participation Fee (Introduction to Improv Course, February 2023)
  • High Income: £45
  • Mid Income: £35
  • Low Income: £25
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