Henry IV

KDC Theatre Presents

William Shakespeare’s
Henry IV

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

15 – 19 November 2022
at Barons Court Theatre

Tickets: £15 (KDC members £12)


Henry IV is a story of power, honour and rebellion.

The king has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

All he wants is a united kingdom, and to take his army to the Holy Land – Jerusalem.

But he’s being held back by issues closer to home – the rebelling nobleman who helped him to the throne and his wayward son, Hal.

Can he get his home and country in order so that he can fulfil his destiny?
Loosely based on true history, this new version of Shakespeare’s Henry IV by KDC Theatre has been adapted from the two plays that normally tell the story of this noble and troubled king.


Archbishop of York / Peto – Gwendolyn Blangy
Earl of Northumberland / Bardolph – Iacopo Farusi
Earl of Westmoreland – David Lindley-Pilley
Earl of Worcester – Govind Hodgson
Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy – Josie Stephens
Lady Percy / Lancaster – Ditta Demeter
King Henry IV – David Pearson
Poins / Lord Hastings – Benjamin Gustilo
Prince Hal – Calvin Crawley
Sir John Falstaff – Jon Foster
Sir Richard Vernon – Peter Cabrera


Director – Nick Mouton

Assistant Director – Izzi Richardson

Producer – Ben Hussey

Intimacy Co-ordinator – Kimberley Barker

Additional Music – Morag Galloway

Assistant Stage Manager – Frederica Byron

Venue: Barons Court Theatre