New Writing Programme

The new term has now started and applications are closed. Please follow us on social media to see when the next term starts!

About the New Writing Programme

Always wanted to write but never knew where to start? Folder full of plays in progress but stuck on how to finish them? Feeling like your work doesn’t get picked to be staged? Looking for a supportive group of other writers to motivate you?

KDC Theatre’s New Writing Programme aims to do all of that, and more. Consisting of 6 monthly working sessions, the programme focuses on 5 things:

  1. Develop existing work further
  2. Inspire new writing through exercises and briefs
  3. Teach writing techniques and dramaturgy
  4. Prepare writers for working on productions of their work
  5. Provide a support network of other writers

The New Writing Programme is an online programme so writers from across the world can join. Sessions will take place once a month, and will be facilitated by the New Writing Coordinator and the New Writing Programme Coordinator. The sessions will be supported by a private Facebook group where writers can talk to each other, KDC Theatre will set small challenges and share news, and discuss the previous and next sessions.

The season culminates in a rehearsed readings event, where each writer will be able to showcase a piece of their own choosing. KDC Theatre will produce the night, cast actors and directors, and facilitate rehearsals.

There are limited spots available in the New Writing Programme each year. Writers can apply by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, submitting a piece of example work (don’t worry if you don’t have any yet, there is a brief to write for!), and if you are short-listed there will be a short interview with the New Writing Coordinator.

If you are accepted, the New Writing Coordinator will send you an official invitation to join the group, and joining details. If you are not selected, you are welcome to join any of our open workshops, the Full Stack project, or apply again next year.



20 October 2021
17 November 2021
15 December 2021
19 January 2022
16 February 2022
16 March 2022


Members of the New Writing Group will need to become members of KDC and pay the participation fee. Please check our fees on our membership page.

The participation covers all 6 sessions, the rehearsed readings event, and the Facebook group membership.

You will become a full member of KDC Theatre and will be able to vote in members meetings.

ready to sign up?

If the above has excited you and you’re keen to join the New Writing Programme, please start the application process by filling out the form below.

If you are shortlisted, there will be a short interview with our New Writing Coordinator. If you have any questions before you want to join, contact us via our contact page.

    Please upload a sample of your work; minimum 2 pages (A4) and maximum 5 pages (A4). It doesn't have to be a full play, or even a finished play, or even a single play! Just send us something that shows your writing to us.

    If you don't have any work yet, please create something based on the brief below, and submit when you're done.

    We will not consider applications without samples, sorry!

    NB: This is not the application form for the New Writing taster session - this is for the New Writing Development Group programme only.


    Character A has a problem. It’s an embarrassing problem but they need help from Character B. You can decide what the problem is, if Character B already knows about it or not, and if Character B is able to help or not.

    Character C finds out and is anything but a help. They might be mean about it, they might be funny about it, but they more hinder than help. They cause issues for Character A as they are trying to fix the problem.

    The play can be in any genre.
    Characters can be any gender, age, or ethnicity.
    Setting can be anywhere and any-when.
    Length: min. 2 A4 pages, max. 5 A4 pages.