X by Alistair McDowall

KDC Theatre presents X by Alistair McDowall

19 – 23 March 2024
at Barons Court Theatre

Tickets: £16.50 (KDC members £12)


“X” is a psychological drama by Alistair McDowall. Marooned on a space station on Pluto, a small group of survivors struggle with their place in the universe. As the cracks grow, they begin seeing things outside…


GILDA: Rhiannon Carr
MATTIE: Joanna Mills
CLARK: Thom Short
COLE: Jack Curtin
RAY: Ashley Wilce
Voice performance: Iris Cameron and May Carlton


Director: Lloyd Smith
Assistant Director: Helena Bumpus
Tech: Carl Fletcher
Intimacy Coordinator: Justin Stirewalt
Music Credits: Zoë Blade