Building Blocks

KDC Building Blocks Devising & Improvisation

Building Blocks: Devising & Improvisation

Devising is one of the most exciting and interesting ways to make theatre. A group of actors come together to develop their own story, a personal and unique production that could only exist with this specific collection of humans.

KDC is kicking off its new series of courses “Building Blocks” with a look at the basics of how to devise.

How do you get a group of actors from an empty script to a fully produced play in a couple of months? What do you start with? Where do you go?

Building Blocks: Devising & Improvisation is a 8-week course introducing key concepts and tools, such as improvising, creating character, working with and developing source material to produce scenes. There will be a loose framework around a theoretical devising project called “We Are All What Magic is Made Of” to focus the course and we will culminate in an informal showcase at the end.

The 8 week Building Blocks course will run every Tuesday from 27 October to 15 December with a showcase in the new year, with a taster session on Tuesday 20 October.

The first session is a free taster; if you continue to do the course there will be a £35 subs fee.

To register for the taster session on 6.30 – 8.30 pm, Tuesday 20 October or for the full Building Blocks Course, fill out this form.