Pitches for Spring 2013

This is the month for you to put your directing minds, if you are so inclined, towards launching KDC Theatre into next year with some suggestions for our 2013 Spring Season.

We will be returning to our friends in Kentish Town at the Lion and Unicorn on weeks beginning 25th March, 1st April and 9th April, so as with last Spring, will be presenting THREE WEEKS of exciting and engaging shows. What are these shows you may ask? Well… right now that is up to you! We need YOU, our membership, to pitch to us!

If you have directed or produced or acted or stage managed for us before, we want to hear from you! If you have directed for one of our sister theatre companies like SLT, Tower, or SEDOS, we want to hear from you! If you’re interested in directing but want to build up some experience and attach yourself to the shows we choose, we want to hear from you!

Last Spring we embraced the Shakespearean. In Summer we went into the one act fringe world. This winter we are being seasonal. This is what we are looking for for our Spring Season:

1)      A classic play with a broad range of roles. Something established that can really bring in that sense of cast community that KDC loves to embrace. Something Greek with a chorus perhaps? Or a contemporary of Shakespeare? A hint of the fancy with something along the lines of Moliere, Goldsmith or Sheridan? Perhaps something from Oscar Wilde’s era takes your fancy?

2)      Directors for our new writing. We will be having readings this season of some of our work, as well as having plays already in our new writing bank on offer. Please email us to express an interest in this and we will send you further details of what’s in the bank.

3)      A KDC Spotlight. A cast of UP TO  four to really showcase our actors and directors with a smaller cast and a tighter focus. Last winter, Vic Craven brought us his extremely funny production of Talking Heads and this Summer we had Caryl Churchill’s two-hander A Number. So it could be a four person play, or it could be a series of monologues like Bash, or even something as intense as Waiting for Godot (rights permitting!)

The pitches are open NOW and will CLOSE ON SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER.

We encourage our pitchers to come up with 2/3 options that we can consider, but the process is open to all. If you are interested, please drop me a line at chair@kdctheatre.com.

We hope to hear from you soon.