Stag Nation, 12-14 August, Camden Fringe

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It’s the morning after the night before…

Gentlemen. This is a stag night. Not just a stag night, not just John’s stag night, but a link in the longest of long chains that bind men together. Another stag night in the history of millions…

So begins the story of the Lads, four macho, strapping young blokes, who have just celebrated their general awesomeness and abundant testosterone a mere two days before their Alpha Dog John’s wedding. They wake, epically hungover – bleary eyed, nauseated, yet satisfied knowing that they got more bloody wankered than anybody, ever.

This head-pounding satisfaction is shattered when they discover that, to their horror, they have awoken to a strange and terrifying new world. They, like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, have been cruelly and inexplicably transformed. An alignment of the planets or a cruel quirk of the gods, who can say, but the Lads have a painful day ahead if they’re to come to terms with this shocking new development.

Unapologetically absurd, crude, sneakily clever and happily rude, this broad new comedy pokes fun at lad culture, gender and sex stereotypes, while indulging in as much swearing, burping, and arse-scratching as possible.

And there’s a fight scene!

Inspired by the enthusiastic audience response from their recent run at the Lion & Unicorn in conjunction with KDC, the Proud and Illustrious Company of Actors known as the Beaver Kings, directed by Kat Wootton, humbly present a limited run of Stag Nation by Andrew Marchant as part of the 2013 Camden Fringe.

Our company hopes to make the Camden Fringe audience weep and/or pee themselves with laughter, and would love to keep the production going in other venues in the fall. We’re also planning to take the show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

Tell all your friends. For the low low price of £10, 45 minutes of sheer hilarity can be yours!

The Player Played – Cast Biographies

Amy WackettAmy Wackett (Anna)

This is Amy’s first role with KDC. Having had some success at acting in the provinces, she decided to try her luck in the big city. Aside from the high glamour of Kentish Town, she has found that the main difference is efficiency. For example, you don’t need to go to the pub after rehearsal because rehearsals are in the pub. That kind of progressive thinking can only be found in the capital. Last stage role written in verse was Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; first was ‘The Little One’ in a Year 1 performance of the song, There were Ten in the Bed.

Ulli AckermannUlli Ackermann (Doug)

Ulli has been acting on stages around the world (Germany really) for the past seven years, having played a few Shakespeare’s, a crazy German poet and the bear Baloo from the Jungle Book. He is now allowed onto an English stage (thanks Fiona!) to finally kick off his acting career in London! He hopes to mask his German accent so well that people will believe he is from here, as he can’t stand being recognized as a foreigner. If you do recognise his German accent, don’t tell him, as he is known to bite on different occasions.

Bradley JohnsonBradley Johnson (Charles)

It has been over 3 years since Bradley last acted, where he played a crazy Australian murderer. It has taken another Ozzie, coming in the form of a perfectly normal female director, to give him the chance to get back into acting. This is his first show with KDC and has really enjoyed the process so far. Bradley will be playing the part of lothario Charles and he hopes you enjoy the show.

Lorenzo MasonLorenzo Mason (Belleur)

Lorenzo was born in Rome, Italy and has been doing theatre most of his life. He trained at Doreen Bird College in Acting. Previous theatre credits include Francisco/Osric/Gravedigger/Player Queen in Hamlet (Old Fire Station Theatre, Oxford), John Wilmot Earl of Rochester in The Libertine (Greenwich Theatre), Bradley/ 7/7 witness/Lead bum in London Wundergorund (Camden Roundhouse studio), Fieldzieg/Knight of the round table in Burlesque and other distractions (Orchard Theatre,Dartford). In addition to acting Lorenzo is also a writer having penned three short films in the past year (Once upon a time at the beach, Last days of Summer, City Lights Requiem). This is his first time working with KDC.

Yasir SennaYasir Senna (Henry)

It is great to be involved again in KDC’s new writing program having been in, “Cabride” in 2011. The rehearsals have been great and I know you will love the show. Thanks for coming. Also don’t forget my own self-penned play, “Rumble”, is being staged by Beyond Theatre at the Barons Court Theatre from April 16 to 20. The play is about a woman fighting a constructive dismissal instigated by her male bosses. The ladies will love this. See you there.

Ciera Rose AllenCiera Rose Allen (Rose)

Ciera Rose Allen is from Los Angeles, California where she studied acting under the great Gue Bua at the Acting for life Theatre. Her first role was in the web-based soap California Heaven playing the conflicted Alicia Gabaldon. Since, she has pursued various film roles and television presenting before moving to the UK in 2008. Her first KDC play was Jake’s Women as the hysterical Sheila. Ciera is thrilled to be a part of the KDC family once again and hopes to keep wearing down directors to cast her in the future!

Claire HubbardClaire Hubbard (Miss Nantolet)

Claire did some acting in school but that was back in the Middle Ages. After a (cough) 25-year gap, she decided on a whim to take an acting class at Central St Martins, later moving on to Simon Bowen’s Exmouth Market acting group. She has also played actress for a course of budding directors at the City Lit. She first became acquainted with The Player Played when its author cast her as Nantolet in a 15-minute showcase of the play at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone in November 2012. She was thrilled after she auditioned at KDC to get the role again, this time with a whole new director and cast. This is her first KDC production.

Valentina PetitoValentina Petito (Mia)

Valentina grew up in a big, crowded, noisy city in southern Italy and wishing for a big change she moved first to Rome and then to London! The passion for acting came up when she was a little girl, became stronger through the years and she eventually even graduated in Performing Arts at the Link Academy (Rome) in 2010.
Proud to be Maid Mia in The Player Played, she is at her second theatre production in London; the first one being Cinderella, performed for a Primary school Christmas party, of which she is also very proud.

Stag Nation – Cast Biographies

John photoJohn – F*ck off




Dave photoDave – Dave definitely considers himself to be the brains of the gang and probably the most beautiful too, supported by his notion that the guys often wear Velcro trainers to avoid laces rather than making an active fashion choice and how females’ eyes dart to the floor to prevent scarring when the gang enter any kind of drinking establishment. Despite an obvious awareness of superiority, Dave is a strong advocator for group-bonding activities. Bring on the stag!

Steve photoSteve – Since I’m not the best man, I didn’t realise I had to write a poncey speech too, but I guess I can just say this.  John, I hope you’re going to be nice to Jane when you’re married because she is properly sound and smells a lot fucking better than you.  Can’t wait to get lashed before you have to start behaving!


Terry photoTerry – Terry is thrilled to be John’s one and only official best man after years of friendship! This is going to be a Stag to remember! Tanya and Terry wish the happy couple all the love and happiness in the world! Welcome to the club! 🙂



Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"Rachel – Rachel is studying media studies and forensic psychology at UEL and this is her first acting experience.  “OMG, I was so excited when Kat asked me to do this!  I feel just like Julia Roberts and I’m totally speechless.  I really don’t know what to say.  Break a leg everybody!!”


Voice photoSir Michael Bloke (voice only) – Splendidly marvellous to be able to introduce John’s stag to the world. What a splendid example of this marvellous phenomenon of nature, met the producer in the bar, no was it the pub, and she was marvellous one of those good looking chaps you know a woman and she asked me to do this so I finished the whisky and the beers and had two Alka Seltzers and put on the voice.

Jacqui AdamsJacqui Adams – This is Jacqui’s second time on stage with KDC, after playing Miss Mockridge in 2009’s production of Dangerous Corner; she also directed last year’s Measure for Measure, and contributed to 2011’s new writing collaboration Summers Gone. She’s chuffed to be able to fit in some fun before getting down to the very serious business of directing Neil Labute’s Autobahn for the Sedos Summer Festival.

Brittany AtkinsBrittany Atkins – Somewhere between juggling unemployment with watching re-runs of Come Dine With Me, Brittany is pleased to have found the time and been given the opportunity to display a complete disregard for manners and womanly etiquette in her second performance for KDC. Brittany first performed with KDC, in 2010, in the Penelopiad. She then went on to perform at the Camden Fringe in 2011 for So It Goes… Theatre Company and graduated from RADA Youth Company the same year, and now hopes to make it into drama school.

Aruna BuchananAruna Buchanan – Ever the Drama Queen it’s no surprise that Aruna ran away to join the theatre! Highlights include Oscar Wilde’s Salome (Rock Opera) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and A Clockwork Orange, Anna Karenina and F*ckArt for KDC. Production credits include Buddy, Jailhouse Rock and Blair on Broadway in the West End. Aruna is looking forward to undoing all her mother’s training to be ladylike!

James EdenboroughJames Edenborough – James has enjoyed acting from an even earlier age and continues to do so whenever not working as a lawyer. Recent work includes Woman Bites Dog’s Martini Bond at the 2012 Camden Fringe then Barking and Manchester, and audio plays for Talk About Productions. Other work includes Rafe in The Knight of The Burning Pestle, Lieutenant Gruber in Allo Allo, and Generals Haig and Von Moltke in Oh What A Lovely War, who fortunately at no point had to be on stage at the same time.

Eddie RegisterEddie Register – After roles in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘The Tamer Tamed’, Eddie returns to KDC, to take on his most interesting role to date.  This role is quite a departure from Eddie’s previous performances in “Man of Destiny”, “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” and “Debris”, but he is clearly up to the challenge.  Now let’s just hope he doesn’t lose his top !!!

Ami SawranAmi Sawran – Hailing from THE NORTH, this is Ami’s first appearance on a London stage, having brought culture to the masses in Liverpool, Durham and at the Edinburgh fringe.  From appearing bald in W;t, profoundly evil in Dr Faustus and downright slutty in Shakers, this is the first time, (despite once playing a wild pig), Ami has really had an excuse to scratch herself and burp freely in public.  Whilst she finds this liberating, she would like to apologise to her mum who, for the record, did not condone this behaviour at home.  Ami would like to thank those that have influenced her trampy character traits and general manly swagger.  You know who you are.

The Early Bird Cast Biographies

Thom PettyThom Petty (Jack)

Thom was born in Manchester and read medicine at Edinburgh University. Recent theatre roles include Pimp in Sink the Belgrano (Bridewell Theatre/SEDOS) and Tom in On Religion (Bridewell Theatre/Tower). Also a musician, he studied composition at the RNCM Junior School and with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. He was taught by Steve Martland, Paul Patterson and Adam Gorb. He was selected for the 1998 BBC Young Musicians Composers’ Workshop with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra on BBC2. He has since had pieces performed at the Royal Festival Hall, Cheltenham Festival, York Late Music Festival, King’s Place, and on Radio 3. He wrote the television titles music for BBC Young Musician 2000 and the score for the 2010 feature film Release (Bonne Idee Productions), which won the Movies on the Move Best UK Drama Feature Award at the End of the Pier Film Festival. He won the 2010 Primrose Piano Quartet Burn’s Air Competition and was a soundtrack finalist in the 2012 ENO Minioperas competition. He has performed saxophone concerti by Binge and Glazunov. In 2010, he co-founded Bristol Concert Series, which promotes concert performances by non-professional musicians.

Kate SketchleyKate Sketchley (Debbie)

Prior to appearing in The Early Bird, Kate graduated with Distinction from the MA Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD). During her training, she originated a role in The Fragmented Life of Dorothy Lawrence by Lewis Hetherington, appeared as the Duchess in The Duchess of Malfi, and participated in a one-month intensive training session at the Globe Theatre. She has a BSc in Psychology from McGill University, and was heavily involved in producing and performing in student theatre. While at McGill, she appeared as Isabella in Measure for Measure, and Yang Sun/The Wife in The Good Person of Sichuan.

A Little More about… The Early Bird

The Early Bird by Leo Butler is a dark drama, and the very first (official) KDC Spotlight Showcase, a play with a small cast that a director can get really intimate in the direction of.

The Early Bird taps into the darkest fear of any parent – the disappearance of their child – to brilliantly capture the nightmare of recrimination and loss. Debbie and Jack blame each other and themselves, and in doing so reveal the inner secrets of their own relationship.

The Early Bird is our first show of the forthcoming Spring Season at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, and is directed by Zoe Thomas-Webb (whose previous productions include “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” with Sedos and “Much Ado About Nothing” with So It Does Theatre).

KDC: Let’s start with; What is it about this play that you love?

Zoe: I love it because it’s about quite a taboo subject but I like the ambiguity of it, it’s provoking and for me, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

KDC: And how is it working so closely with just two actors who will never even leave the stage?

Zoe: Surprisingly easy, as you don’t have to think about entrances/exits and quick changes etc. And it helps that we all get on (not just saying that because they’re in the room).

KDC: So from a directing point of view, what have you found to be the big rewards of working on a two-hander play?

Zoe: You tend to be able to work a lot faster and more productively as even when you get to periods where you may have crossed wires creatively, it can be cleared up quickly and you can move on.

KDC: The subject matter is a serious one, and the play itself is a dark drama. Does the nature of the play in such an intimate setting affect the tone of the rehearsals?

Zoe: Not at all, if anything I’ve never laughed more.

KDC: Have you had any specific influences to your approach or tone for the production?

Zoe: Not so much artistic influences but we have discussed issues raised by several BBC 4 dramas/Broadchurch and there’s actually been quite a lot in the media recently as it’s the 20th anniversary of the death of James Bulger so a lot of ‘real life’ influences have helped.

KDC: So a minimal question considering the minimal cast, in one word can you describe the relationship between the two characters in just one word? And how about the play itself?

Zoe: Fraught and provoking.

KDC: And let’s finish off with “the tag line that never was” – The Early Bird by Leo Butler:

Zoe: Madonna, Mars Bars and Monsters.

Many thanks to Zoe for taking the time to answer these questions.

Ticket information can be found on both and

“She’s got on her little orange mac. With the hood pulled up. Turns the corner and goes to catch the bus. . . You don’t think, do you? You don’t think anything’s going to happen.”

We’ve also taken the time to catch up with Kate (Debbie) and Thom (Jack), two brand-
spanking new members to KDC who have found that their first show puts them clearly in the spotlight:

KDC: The Early Bird is a drama dealing with a very serious topic. Is the dark subject matter hard to approach?

Thom: Yes (smile).
Kate: Very similar to a play that I developed with a couple of people as a project. We ended up doing a story about a couple whose child had died and they were trying to deal with it so it’s sort of just continued on from that.

KDC: What have you found to be the big rewards, if any, in being in a two hander play?

Kate: Because it’s quite an even split between us, helps to make sure we’re on the same page (not literally, well that too) so it’s easier to reach an agreement on the interpretation of the text at any given moment.

KDC: And is it easy to bond as a cast or establish the character’s relationship in a tense two hander?

Thom: It’s been a difficult subject matter to approach.
Kate: Yeah, it’s a difficult play but that’s good.
Thom: And our relationship in the play isn’t really a good relationship, so, actually, that’s quite challenging because there is a relationship – or there was one, but where it is now is not a happy place.

KDC: How would you describe your characters in one word?

Kate: Desperate.
Jack: Level, he’s a leveller.

KDC: If you had one sentence in which you could sell the show to your fellow KDCers; how would you describe it?

Jack: A terrifying but brilliant insight into a couples darkest times.
Kate: Two people desperately trying to rescue themselves and each other.

KDC would like to thank Thom and Kate for taking the time to answer these questions.

The Early Bird launches our Spring Season for one week only and runs for five shows from the 26th to the 30th March at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town (tickets are £12 with an £8 concession).

Visited – Devised Piece Spring 2013

Visted-thumbCamden People’s Theatre
5th, 6th, 7th April 7.30pm (2.30pm Matinee on Saturday 6th)

In a manor house in rural England, a Victorian family entertain the stranger in their midst with stories of the dead.

‘It could have been everyone and no-one. I do
have a sense that someone is just out of sight and trying to tell me something…’

A young African girl is plagued by demons.
A solider is tormented by the war he witnessed.
A wedding party is interrupted by a guest fixed on vengeance.

A family is haunted by their past…

The woman at the door will decide their future.

We are all visited by things we can’t control.

‘Visited’ is a original play conceived and devised by the cast and directors:

Violet Edelman
Maeve McClenaghan
Vanessa Okello
Anna Postle
Emma Cherry Rolf
Chris Stooke
Anna Tsekouras
Francis Whittaker

Directed by Trina Hasthorpe and Kim Morrison