What the Dickens! Part One

“It has an awful voice, that wind at Midnight…Heaven preserve us, sitting snugly round the fire!”

What the Dickens New-Writing Project

This Thursday, 18 October, at the Hoop and Grapes sees the FIRST of this season’s special Ghost Stories, written and read by KDC, and adapted from the great Charles Dickens.

Dickens was fascinated with the ghostly and the spiritual, and to celebrate that, and our FIRST EVER Halloween season, we would like to invite you to enjoy some ghoulish tales.

As the evenings draw in and Hallow’een approaches, what better way to celebrate the season and the coming of KDC’s Dracula than by pulling up a chair in a City of London hostelry and listening to spooky takes of spectral visitations newly-penned by the ink-stained fingers of our shivering scribes and read by some of KDC’s most sinister voices.

The readings will be from 7pm at The Hoop & Grapes. Come and enjoy an evening with a drink and friends and come to enjoy the first ever readings of some new work!