Summer Season 2016

25 – 28 June Breaking the Mould
A festival of brand new work based on well-loved classics, created by you, our fabulous membership

3.30pm matinee 7.30pm evening
25 Alice
The Laboratorium –
A Furrytale
Love, Shakespeare
The Laboratorium –
A Furrytale
26 Love, Shakespeare
The Laboratorium –
A Furrytale
Love, Shakespeare
The Laboratorium –
A Furrytale
27 N/A Love, Shakespeare
28 N/A Love, Shakespeare

Taking place at The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Road, E1

28 – 30 June @ 7.30pm
There Has Possibly Been An Incident by Chris Thorpe
The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Would you stop a tank carrying nothing but your groceries? Would you save a child from a crashed plane? Would you save your country from corrupt rulers? How about kill for what you believe in?

There Has Possibly Been An Incident is a play about choices and consequences. Pasts and futures. Questions and answers. Right and wrong. One story about bravery, one about accidental power, one about missed opportunities, and one about conviction in your own beliefs. Plus one more story about the biggest choice of them all.

There Has Possibly Been An Incident Cast List

Incident_thumbThere Has Possibly Been An Incident is showing 28 – 30 June at The Spread Eagle, Croydon. The cast:

The Plane Hero: Su Vigus & Stephen Lucas
The Politician: Samantha Wright & Rob Whitaker
The Watcher: Deborah Omolade & Tom Cunningham
The Terrorist: Julia Pagett & Keir Mills

Director: Saskia van ‘t Hoff
Assistant Director & Designer: Rose Pickles
Stage Manager & Production Assistant: Olivia Ho

The Laboratorium – A Furrytale Cast List

LaboratoriumAs part of the Breaking the Mould festival, The Laboratorium – A Furrytale will be performing at The Rag Factory:

25 June – matinee and evening
26 June – matinee and evening

The cast:

Danielle Florence
Laura Mantovani
Michaela Mackenzie
Victoria Olusanya
Giulia Bruzzone

Director: Carl Fletcher

Love, Shakespeare Cast List

LoveShakespeareAs part of the Breaking the Mould festival; Love, Shakespeare will be showing at The Rag Factory:

25 June – matinee and evening
26 June – evening
27 June – evening
28 June – evening

The players:

Francesca Baker
Sarah Beebe
Sarah Dobson
Laura Rae
Alex Waddington
Stephen Russell

Director: Kat Wootton

Summer Season 2016 Auditions

Below are links to two audition notices with details of our very exciting Summer Season. Auditions are 18-20 April at Theatre Delicatessen, Farringdon Road. More details below.

We’ve got a week long festival called ‘Breaking The Mould’ (25-28 June) designed for people with lots of ideas but not a lot of time. And for those who want a full length play we’re thrilled to be putting on ‘There Has Possibly Been An Incident’ (28-30 June).

We hope you’ll join us at Summer Newcomers on Wednesday 13th April at The Hoop and Grapes at 7pm to find out more.

Breaking The Mould Audition Notice
There Has Possibly Been An Incident Audition Notice

Director pitches Summer 2016

With our Spring season fully cast and well on its way, the time has come for us to throw open our doors and invite you, our very talented and much loved membership, to help us create the magic that will be summer season 2016!

What’s the deal?

Without our wonderful directors nothing would happen. We rely on those creative geniuses to dream up the ideas and become the enthusiastic, balls of energy that inspire our actors to take those ideas to the stage. We want to hear from all budding and established directors who would be interested in pitching a play to be performed for one week in June.

What kind of thing do we want?

ANYTHING!!! We love theatre in all it’s dramatic, hilarious, touching and downright avant-garde glory. From Shakespeare to new writing, Ibsen to long-form improv, we’ve done a lot and we are always looking for the next challenge.

Things to consider

KDC prefers play with upwards of 8 roles in order to give our actors plenty of parts. However, don’t let that deter you from pitching other things, we have ways…

The theatres we use are fairly small and our show budgets are limited. If you are picturing a revolve and purpose built ship it probably won’t happen.

KDC have fantastic actors but they aren’t professionals: they have lives, families, jobs, insecurities and are doing theatre because they love it, not because they are paid for it. As a director you need to be sensitive this and create an environment where people feel safe and free to be creative. Please have a think about this because it’s very important and we will ask!

But I haven’t directed before!!

That’s fine, we have to do everything for the first time at some point. Although we do like a bit of experience, we appreciate different backgrounds bring different talent and have plenty of old hands to help you find your feet.

The Details

Summer shows will be at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington. There are two weeks available week commencing 20th June and week commencing 27th June.

Rehearsals will start in mid-April.

I’m interested, what now?

In the first instance drop me (Kim – a quick email briefly explaining what you’d like to pitch by 9am on Monday 7th March and we can take it from there.