Devising Plays: From Setting to Story

On Saturday 3 and 10 March, KDC will be running an afternoon session called Devising Plays: From Setting to Story. Starting with the basics of creative collaboration, we will look to explore different methods by which a complete story can be constructed by a group working together. We will then choose one approach and develop a complete, original story from scratch that could be subsequently developed into a devised play. The session will be run by the originator of KDC’s devised Studio Piece programme and director of KDC’s first three devised plays, Richard Williams.

This session is for people who are looking for a chance to practise their storytelling, collaborate on a creating ideas within a group and are interested in devising plays in general.

This is the second set of Devising workshops we’ve run and will use some of the methods explored in the first workshops (Collaborative Storytelling and Character Construction Workshop) and continue on. You do not need to have attended the first set of workshops to attend this one as we’ll be introducing these concepts afresh.

Each session will run from 12.15pm to 6.30pm in a central London rehearsal space. Participants can attend only one session (either the 3rd or the 10th).

Attendance is free, however places are limited to six spaces for each session.  Please contact Richard Williams at for details on how to apply.

LATEST – 3 March now fully booked.

The Actors for KDC Spring Season 2012

After an amazingly high turnout of amazingly top talent, the directing teams and ourselves are extremely pleased to present to you the actors for our Spring 2012 season!

It was an incredibly hard job thanks to some great auditions and some really tough calls, but if you DIDN’T get cast this time round, worry not! We have plenty on the way with regards to reading and workshops and social events! We are about to open up the pitch process for the rest of the year, so if you are not only an actor but also an aspiring director, get thinking! More details coming soon!

There are lots more things that KDC is doing between now and the shows, please keep an eye on the website and the weekly Showdown newsletter, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

And as a final note, we are looking for two more male actors for the Tamer Tamed production, to play Jacques and Pedro, the comedy support. If you would be interested in auditioning for these roles, please email

Measure for Measure Cast List

Director – Jacqui Adams
Assistant Director – Juliet Colbert
Producer – Emma Knott

Duke Vincentio – Chris Warren
Isabella – Asma Mani
Lord Angelo – James Killeen
Mariana – Fran Rafferty
Claudio – Carl Fletcher
Lucio – Doug Baker
Escalus – Sarah Beebe
Provost – Jess Battersby
Ensemble, Including Mistress Overdone – Alex Waddington
Ensemble, Including Elbow – Matt Hudson
Ensemble – Elizabeth Daly
Ensemble, Including Pompey – Hayden Bennett
Ensemble – Ida Scofano

Tamer Tamed Cast List

Director – Matthew Partridge
Assistant Director – Katherine Wootton
Producer – Andy Marchant

Maria – Helen Jackson
Petrucio – Jeremy Small
Bianca – Natasha Muntoni
Livia – Catherine Ion
Roland – Michael Johnston
Petronius – Clive Eliot
Gremio – Eddie Register
Katharine – Alexis Coward
Tranio – Chris Penny
Wives – Abigail Deffee, Cara Barresi, Beccy Reese

War of the Waleses Cast List

Our own “after Shakespeare” play
Director – Sarah Heenan

Diana – Alex Wheeler
Queen – Julia Collier
Major – Richard Evans
Charles – William Baltyn
Blair – Stephen Russell
Ken – Nigel Barker
Pap/Campbell – Matt Matravers
Magnate – Simon Hill
Broadsheet – Sarah Lowes
Trueprint – Rebecca Shoot
Camilla/Private Secretary – Caitlin Homes
Advisor 1 – Becky Ison
Advisor 2/Lawyer/ – Alex Mackenzie-Smith
Advisor 3/Sarah Ferguson – Leila Mountford

Auditions Spring Season 2012

Auditions for the above plays will be held from 23 to 25 January. You will have the opportunity to audition for all three plays on any of these nights. Recalls are by invitation only and will be held on Saturday 28 January. Please visit the Current Season section or see below to read the audition notices for each show.

This season runs from 27 March to 14 April.  Please note that The Tamer Tamed has a performance on Good Friday and Easter Saturday and that the cast for War of the Waleses are will be required over Easter weekend.

It’s free to audition and you don’t have to prepare anything in advance.  Come to Newcomers on Thursday 19 January to hear from the directors about their shows and the audition process in more detail.

Auditions for all shows:

7pm, Monday 23 January, Ocean House, 10 Little Trinity Lane, EC4V 2AR
7pm, Tuesday 24 January, St Brides, Fleet Street EC4Y 8EQ
7pm, Wednesday 25 January, St Brides, Fleet Street EC4Y 8EQ

Recalls (by invitation only):

10am-4pm, Saturday 28 January, St Brides, Fleet Street EC4Y 8EQ

Maps and directions to audition venues

Measure for Measure – Audition Notice

27th March – 31st March 2012

Director: Jacqui Adams

Measure for Measure - Spring 2012Sex and corruption. Power and vulnerability. Faith and purity. Shakespeare’s play relocates to 1960, year of the infamous ‘Lady Chatterley’ obscenity trial.

A crackdown on immorality leads to a death sentence for unmarried father-to-be Claudio. His sister Isabella – a soon-to-be ordained novice – begs for his life, and a strong-in-public, weak-in-private leader makes a literally soul-destroying offer.

Locating the play to 1960 takes it to a year when sexuality, obscenity and legality were under scrutiny – what is acceptable?  What is natural?  What is right?  What is moral?  (And what can we get away with if no-one ever finds out…). The tone would show off a cold, slow, nightclub singer in a smoky spotlight jazz mood, men in sharp suits, women with curves shown off to their best (the ones that aren’t hiding them under nuns’ habits, of course), and a minimal and adaptable set.


Duke Vincentio:  (M, any age) Ruler of Vienna, he absents himself, places Angelo in charge in his place (overlooking the rightful deputy Escalus), and disguises himself as a Friar to watch what happens.  A Machiavellian character with ostensibly good intentions, but what are his true motives?
Lord Angelo:  (M, any age)  Becomes ruler in Vincentio’s stead despite his protestations.  Angelo literally has power thrust upon him, and we all know what power does…
Isabella:  (F, late teens/early 20s) We meet Isabella as she is about to join a convent, but she is dragged away to plead for her brother’s life after he is threatened with execution for sex outside marriage.  Pure, innocent, strong, principled, vulnerable, desirable.
Claudio:  (M, Early to mid 20s) In prison for having sex with his (in all but name) wife.  Desperate, wants to do the right thing but torn between his love for his sister and his fear for his life.
Escalus:  (F, 30s – flexible) An elder of the city, rightfully should have been offered Angelo’s role in Vincentio’s absence.  Loyal to the Duke but cannot disobey Angelo – torn.
Provost:  (M/F, any age) Prison Governor and Justice.  Liberal, but – like Escalus – responsible for carrying out Angelo’s orders.
Lucio:  (M, Early to mid 20s) A ‘fantastic’, cheeky, ducker and diver, friends in low places and enemies in high ones, but on the side of the angels.
Mistress Overdone:  (F, 30s and up) A 1960 Cynthia Payne, the aptly-named Mistress Overdone, much-married brothel-keeper worried about her ‘business’ going under.
Elbow:  (M, any age) A constable, malapropism-tastic and endearingly stupid, Elbow is the joint in the weak arm of the law.
Mariana:  (F, late 20s/30s) Broken and betrayed when we meet her, by the end of the play Mariana holds the key to Angelo’s downfall, and his happiness.

Plus Gentlemen, Nuns, Friars, Bawds for doubling or ensemble playing.

The Tamer Tamed – Audition Notice

3rd to 7th April 2012 (performances on Good Friday and Easter Saturday)

Director: Matthew Partridge

The Tamer Tamed - Spring 2012The Tamer Tamed is the sequel to Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew – where the women get their revenge on the newly remarried Petruchio.

Written by John Fletcher, the Bard’s collaborator on Henry VIII, Two Noble Kinsman and (the lost) Cardenio, the play combines moments of high and low comedy with some powerful speeches in this timeless tale about the battle of the sexes and who really comes out on top.

The production will be set in London in the early 1920s, at the start of a revolution in gender relations. Although it was an era of servants and “imperious husbands”, it was also a time of the flappers and making a statement.

The fourteen strong cast is split evenly between men and women, with three out of the five largest roles (including the lead) going to women.


Maria – (Playing age 25-35).  Petruchio’s new wife. Unafraid to use all the weapons at her disposal in order to tame him.
Livia – (20-25).  Maria’s sister. Conservative and down-to-earth, although independent enough to reject her father’s preferred suitor Gremio.
Katherine – (25-35). Petruchio’s late wife. Appears at the start, middle and the end. Doubles as a servant.
Bianca – (25-35).  Katherine’s sister. Plays a key role in supporting Maria’s rebellion and in helping Livia outwit Gremio and Petronius.
Country Wife + City Wives 1 & 2 – Any age. Participants in the women’s rebellion. Will also be required to double as Druggist, First Watch and Second Watch respectively.


Petruchio – (Playing age 30-40). Maria’s husband. His reputation as a “wife-tamer” belies the fact that he really wants a quiet life.
Roland – 15-20. Livia’s young lover and Gremio’s rival. Impetuous, immature and emotional.
Petronius – 40-60. Maria and Livia’s father. Curmudgeonly, authoritarian, and disgusted at his daughters’ behaviour and the men’s inability to control them.
Tranio – 25-40. A former servant who is now a minor gentleman. Kind-hearted fellow who works with Bianca to unite Livia and Roland.
Gremio – 30-45. A wealthy merchant friend of Petruchio who wishes to marry Livia, even though she finds him creepy.
Jaques and Pedro – Any age. Petruchio’s servants. Fierecly loyal to their master. Jaques is the more senior.