Woyzeck Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of the last show in the KDC Theatre Spring Season 2016. Woyzeck is on 5-9 April at the Rosemary Branch Theatre:

Woyzeck – Scott Watson
Marie – Faye Pulleyn
Showmen and other assorted characters:
Alex Waddington
Mike Soakell
Ian Russell
Emmanuelle Andrews
Gareth Hugh Williams
Lionel Laurent

Spring 2016 shows announced

We are proud to announce the line-up for Spring 2016, running from 22 March to 9 April:

Dreaming on a Midsummer’s Night | Audition Notice
KDC Lab | Audition Notice
The Children’s Hour | Audition Notice
Woyzeck | Audition Notice

Auditions in January are on the following dates and locations:

17 – KDC Lab auditions, Clean Break Studios, Patshull Road, Kentish Town, from 12pm to 2pm
18-20 – Dreaming on a Midsummer’s Night & The Children’s Hour auditions, Theatre Delicatessen, 119 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3ER, from 6.45pm
23 – Recalls, Theatre Delicatessen, 10am-2pm
25-26 – Woyzeck auditions, Theatre Delicatessen, from 6.45pm
30 – Recalls, Theatre Delicatessen, 10am-2pm