Night Night, Sleep Tight Biographies

Night Night, Sleep Tight, KDC Theatre’s collection of Twisted Fairytales, is playing at the Barons Court Theatre in Halloween week, 27-31 October. Call 020 8932 4747 to reserve your tickets.

Sharita OomeerSharita Oomeer – Siri (The Sorcerer’s App) and Anna (Lock up your Skeletons)
Sharita has performed with a number of London-based theatre companies since 2006, including KDC Theatre and Tower Theatre. Most recently she played Marianne in Moliere’s Tartuffe (2014), Ophelia in Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead (2014) and she appeared in Alan Bennett’s The Habit of Art (2015). Night Night Sleep Tight is her second show for KDC.

Sophia SpeakmanSophia Speakman – Mary (The Sorcerer’s App) and Ella (Fragile)
Sophia has loved all things drama from an early age and continued to pursue this at University where she studied English and Drama in Cardiff. This is her first play with KDC and she is excited to be playing Cinderella after writing her dissertation on the Disney Princesses and Grimm’s brother’s fairy tales. To prepare for the role of Ella, Sophia has washed her onesies, tidied up her Facebook profile and bought a new dress and heels to ‘get into character’.

Sarah RatnerSarah Ratner – Ana (Fragile), Michelle (While you were sleeping) &  Rose (Lock up your Skeletons)
A theatre studies and philosophy graduate, Sarah’s most recent shows have included playing Lena and Rosetta in Buchner’s Leonce & Lena;  Elmire in an adaption of Moliere’s Tartuffe; Queen Elizabeth in Richard III and Maria in Gogol’s The Government Inspector, which was part of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whilst studying in Oxford, Sarah was involved in various plays at the Old Fire Station theatre, playing Linda in Blood Brothers and Ilse in A Spring Awakening and was part of the Oxford Playhouse theatre company 16-22. Sarah has also been involved in various short films including an adaption of Closer by Yellow Media Entertainment, playing Alice. Alongside her Bachelor of Arts degree, her training consists of London Actors Workshop, Capital Screen Arts, Actors Studio and Redroofs Theatre School.

Francesca GeorghiouFranki Georghiou – Judith (Lock up your skeletons) and Cilla (Fragile)




Henry WilliamsHenry Williams – Snow White (The Assassination Club) and Jack (Simple Jack)




Stephen LucasStephen Lucas – Lenny (The Assassination Club), Jasper (Fragile) and Blue (Lock up your Skeletons)
Stephen began acting in primary school after one of his teachers noticed that he was “tall enough to fit into a dress”.  Following his role as Jack’s mum in Jack and the Bean Stalk, Stephen went on to act in a few of his high school’s productions – playing, for example, the scarecrow in William F. Brown’s The Wiz. It wasn’t until 2015 that Stephen turned his attention back to acting. After attending a fancy dress party dressed as Thor, Stephen became so committed to his character that he refused to return to reality. Stephen’s friends and family became worried about Stephen and brought him to KDC immediately. This is his first production with KDC. He still occasionally reaches out for an imaginary hammer.

Clive EliotClive Eliot – Mr Ogre (Simple Jack) and The Clown
Clive fell in love acting in 1972 whilst masquerading as an economist in New Zealand. He performed in several plays and even managed a cameo role in Close to Home, a TV One soap. There then followed a fascinating 40 year detour through the “real world” of corporate banking, journalism, TV production and political consultancy, before KDC allowed him to return to his true love as the grizzly Billie in Demolition in Progress in 2011. His more recent roles include: Petronius in The Tamer Tamed (KDC) , Harold in Singles (South London Theatre), Benedict in Rumble (Beyond Theatre) , Sir George Young in Tartuffe (Cockpit Theatre) and Lord Caversham in Ideal Husband (KDC). Production credits include Tartuffe by Moliere (Nomadic Theatrical Productions – Courtyard Theatre – 2014). Clive is relishing bringing to life three quite horrific characters in Night Night, Sleep Tight!

Richard CopperwaiteRichard Copperwaite – Christopher (While you were sleeping) and Al (The Sorcerer’s App)
Richard has been performing in amateur dramatics from an early age. In his first performance, he played Ko Ko in Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado with the Essex-based StageAbility Group. He participated in numerous shows with the same group, going on to play Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady and Javert in Les Misérables. At the University of Southampton, he played Ridcully in Terry Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies at the Edinburgh Fringe, and Katurian in Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. During a year in California, Richard performed with the Savoyards at Stanford University, as Ruthven Murgatroyd in Ruddigore. Once back in the UK, Richard performed in Dancing at Lughnasa with the Criterion Theatre in Coventry, and Under Milk Wood with the Loft Theatre in Leamington. This is Richard’s first production with KDC Theatre Company, but already he’s thoroughly enjoyed crafting the chilling worlds of Night Night, Sleep Tight, and looks forward to more opportunities with KDC in the future.

Bernard BrennanBernard Brennan – Rose Red (The Assassination Club) and Tomas (Fragile)
This is Bernard’s first play since he had parts in some school productions. He has worked as an architect in London since 2012. This is his first production with KDC.



Abby StillAbby Still – Mrs G (Fragile) and Mums (Simple Jack)





Directors: Peter Cabrera and Katy Treble
Producer: Steph Urquhart
Lighting Designer: Fiona Thomas
Technical Operator: Nicky Chorley
Stage Manager: Katharine Williams

Night Night, Sleep Tight Background

Night Night Sleep Tight continues KDC Theatre’s tradition of staging original plays in an innovative and creative manner which provide opportunities for aspiring amateur actors, directors, writers and technicians in London to produce exciting and challenging new work.

A series of six short plays, Night Night Sleep Tight draws on traditional fairy tales and folk stories (amongst them, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Bluebeard’s Castle) and twists these much-loved tales to create a disturbing fantasy world of dark dreams and nightmares using London as the backdrop for an evening of chills and spooky fun.

Night Night Sleep Tight is a great example of the kind of theatre work for which KDC is well-known and originated in an audition session for a previous series of Halloween shows, where auditionees were set the challenge of improvising creepy versions of traditional fairy tales. Those audition sessions produced some genuinely eerie and unnerving performances and were the inspiration for the Night Night Sleep Tight project. Continuing KDC’s tradition of supporting aspiring (and established) playwrights in London, we commissioned a series of new short plays based on well-known fairy tales and received dozens of submissions before whittling these down to the six plays to be performed.

The six plays are: The Sorcerers App by Frances Bushe (based on The Sorcerers Apprentice), The Assassination Club by Julia Collier (based on Snow White and Rose Red), Blue Blood by Susan Grey (Based on Bluebeard’s Castle), While You Were Sleeping by Beth Crane (based on Sleeping Beauty), Fragile by Kate Moore (based on Cinderella) and Simple Jack by Alan Maddrell (based on Jack and The Beanstalk).

The plays will be directed by Katy Treble and Peter Cabrera who have both worked with KDC extensively before though this will be the first time either has directed for the company. Night Night Sleep Tight will be performed at Baron’s Court Theatre from Tuesday 27 October until Saturday 31 October 2015.

Night Night Sleep Tight is an original KDC production.

Night Night, Sleep Tight Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of our Hallowe’en Show, Night Night, Sleep Tight, performing at the Barons Court Theatre, 27 – 31 October 2015:

Sharita Oomeer – Siri (The Sorcerer’s App) and Anna (Lock up your Skeletons)
Sophia Speakman – Mary (The Sorcerer’s App) and Ella (Fragile)
Sarah Ratner – Ana (Fragile), Michelle (While you were sleeping) &  Rose (Lock up your Skeletons)
Franki Georghiou – Judith (Lock up your skeletons) and Cilla (Fragile)
Henry Williams – Snow White (The Assassination Club) and Jack (Simple Jack)
Stephen Lucas – Lenny (The Assassination Club), Jasper (Fragile) and Blue (Lock up your Skeletons)
Clive Eliot – Mr Ogre (Simple Jack) and The Clown
Richard Copperwaite – Christopher (While you were sleeping) and Al (The Sorcerer’s App)
Bernard Brennan – Rose Red (The Assassination Club) and Tomas (Fragile)
Abby Still – Mrs G (Fragile) and Mums (Simple Jack)