Night Night, Sleep Tight Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of our Hallowe’en Show, Night Night, Sleep Tight, performing at the Barons Court Theatre, 27 – 31 October 2015:

Sharita Oomeer – Siri (The Sorcerer’s App) and Anna (Lock up your Skeletons)
Sophia Speakman – Mary (The Sorcerer’s App) and Ella (Fragile)
Sarah Ratner – Ana (Fragile), Michelle (While you were sleeping) &  Rose (Lock up your Skeletons)
Franki Georghiou – Judith (Lock up your skeletons) and Cilla (Fragile)
Henry Williams – Snow White (The Assassination Club) and Jack (Simple Jack)
Stephen Lucas – Lenny (The Assassination Club), Jasper (Fragile) and Blue (Lock up your Skeletons)
Clive Eliot – Mr Ogre (Simple Jack) and The Clown
Richard Copperwaite – Christopher (While you were sleeping) and Al (The Sorcerer’s App)
Bernard Brennan – Rose Red (The Assassination Club) and Tomas (Fragile)
Abby Still – Mrs G (Fragile) and Mums (Simple Jack)