Directing pitches now open

As we say goodbye to a thoroughly successful but also pretty unusual summer season, it’s time to look forward to Autumn. We’re now opening our pitch process for new shows for Autumn and beyond, apply here. More about that later, but first a quick update on the current status of KDC.

Jumping for joy
Things are starting again! Horray!

What happened to Spring??

The current health situation has of course affected us. Rehearsals were almost complete for our Spring shows Pomona and Rules For Living before we had to postpone their performances. These were lining up to be amazing shows and our intention very much is still to perform them as soon as we can! While we desperately want to show-off these ‘on-hold’ performances, it is not yet possible, so we’re going to keep those until we can perform them as they were intended.

What we did instead

Our new writing / devising project Snatch & Merkin moved to rehearsing online and released as a web series, and summer season’s Writing on the Wall transferred entirely to the world of Zoom, last week performing a live streamed show to great success earlier this month.

The future

As a theatre group banned from theatres… we got new licence to try different things. Restriction breeds creativity! We’d like to keep this going so we’re now opening pitches for autumn season. Given the current climate this will be an unusually open pitch process, we’d like to hear your ideas. We have a large and enthusiastic actor community, as well as directors and technical people on hand to support your vision.

It is likely that physical distancing restrictions will remain in-place for the remainder of the year to some extent, however we are also expecting them to be partially lifted so it is possible that we will be able to so some physical rehearsing and performance late in the year. Here are some examples of the sort of thing you might want to propose:

1. Radio play

Either a long full-length single audio production, or multiple shorter pieces to be released as a series. Think the Big Finish Doctor Who serials, or Radio 4 play like Neverwhere. We would imagine this would be initially rehearsed remotely, hopefully being able to gather in a venue to record the audio in late autumn. We can help with equipment, sound expertise, foley & mixing the show, what we really need is a enthused piece of writing or adaptation that we can record.

2. Storytelling

Holding an audience’s attention, narrating directly to them is one of the oldest forms of performance, and one we see less often now. What will you bring? A tale of fairies and castles with a strong moral core? A dark campfire horror of shock and gore? Paint your world with words. When we return to theatres it will probably require distancing of the audience and between the cast, so a set of stories told by lone actors would fit well.

3. Monologues / Small casts

A series of monologues or a play that has a very small cast that can be kept distant would also likely be possible. New writing is always appreciated, and existing pieces are also welcome, subject to us being able to acquire rights.

Over to you

We’re really looking forward to hearing your ideas, and we can also help develop your concept if it is not yet fully-formed. Get your pitch in here