Your Theatre Needs You

KDC is recruiting! It’s AGM time again and we’re looking to grow our merry band – theatre with KDC happens because of all the awesome people who are involved in the shows, but also because a much smaller band in the committee are pulling the strings throughout the year to make those shows happen at all. We need some enthusiastic people to join up! The committee chooses shows, theatre venues, socials, runs the publicity, social feeds, manages the website, finances, decides group direction, there are lots of things to get your teeth stuck into if you would like to. And you get to see all our lovely faces at least once a month!

The existing committee is staying on, but we’re limited in number, and we want fresh blood to come drive things, new ideas, new perspectives. You don’t need to have experience, just enthusiasm and a little bit of time every now and then. You can run for a named role, or just join as a non-exec member and pick up whatever you fancy. Your Theatre Needs You!