‘What The Dickens!?’ Ghost Story Adaptation Project

We’re doing our first ever Halloween Show this year, Liz Lochhead’s Dracula, directed by Duncan Moore.

In honour of this witching hour seasonal spectacular, and also to match up to Charles Dickens’ 200th anniversary celebrations, we are issuing a new writing challenge.

I, your humble chair and servant, would like to open up the opportunity to you, our members, to adapt one of Dickens’ short ghost stories into a script, which we will then have readings of in October. The man wrote a whole variety of these, including, most famously, A Christmas Carol.

If you are interested in creating an adaptation – it could be five minutes or fifty – simply drop me a line to chair@kdctheatre.com. The adaptation style will be totally up to you. It could be a straight translation, a modern update, a Greek Choral effort… anything! You don’t have to know Dickens. You don’t need to have written a play before. This is just an exercise in fun, so conjure up some ghosts and ghoulies for Halloween.

There are lots of these stories around if you wanted to do some investigation online, but just get in contact if interested, or if you have a request, and I will assign you a task (to avoid repetition)

For further reading, some examples of these stories (but there are many more!) are: ‘The Queer Chair’ (from The Pickwick Papers), ‘The Baron of Grogzwig’ (from Nicholas Nickleby), ‘The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain’, ‘To be Read at Dusk’, ‘The Ghost in the Bride’s Chamber’ from ‘The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices’ and ‘The Signalman’.