The Lying Kind Cast and Crew

Directors – Emma Knott & Daniel West
Producer – Lucy Hill
Stage Manager – Juliet Colbert
Lighting Designer – Isabel Eriksson
Lighting Operator – Pip Brewer
Sound Designer & Operator – Matthew Partridge
Make-up – Kathy Robbins & Charlotte Blake
Costume – Zoe Ashdown
Get In Assistants – Ernesta Vainovskaja & Michael Barry

Blunt – James Laing
Gobbel – Ronan Fitzgerald
Gronya – Tracey Pocock
Balthasar – Bernard Doogan
Garson – Dawn Williams
Reverend Shandy – Richard Evans
Carol – Imogen Levy

The Lying Kind Audition Notice

Contact the directors at
Tuesday 27th November – Saturday 1st December

1. Auditions

Auditions will take place from 6.30pm for a 7pm start on 17th, 18th and 19th September 2012 at the St Brides Foundation, 14 Bride Lane, City of London, EC4Y 8EQ. You do not need to register for auditions or prepare anything in advance. Please come on whichever day suits you.

Recalls will be on Saturday 22nd September at the Clean Break Studios, 2 Patshull Road, NW5 2LB. If we’d like to see you at the recalls we’ll call you on Thursday 20th September to let you know. Again, there’s nothing you need to prepare of you’re recalled.

Both first round auditions and recalls will be a mixture of improvisation games and script work. You’ll be given time to prepare everything. We’ll be looking for comic timing, physical comedy, good partnerships and most of all, enthusiasm.

Check the KDC theatre website for maps of both venues –

2. Show Dates

There will be two dress rehearsals and we’ll need you all day for both of those – Sunday 25th November and Monday 26th November. If you’re a working person that will mean taking Monday off.

We’ll be performing from Tuesday 27th November to Saturday 1st December at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. The shows will start at 7.30pm and you’ll need to be at the theatre at least an hour beforehand.

3. Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be in Farringdon/Blackfriars (locations TBC) on Sundays (midday-4pm or 4pm-8m), Mondays 7pm-9pm and Wednesdays 7pm-9pm. We’ll work around any prior commitments you have as much as possible but please note that in the last fews weeks we’ll need everyone for all rehearsals.

4. Synopsis

Its Christmas Eve and well-meaning but inept coppers Blunt and Gobbel have one last job for the night; tell impossibly old couple Garson and Balthasar that their only daughter has died in a car crash. Understandably they’re not too keen on the idea and when they finally get the words out, the elderly pair gets completely the wrong end of the stick.

Desperate to set the record straight the blundering twosome set in a motion a chain of unexpected events which need covering up, and quickly. Mild-mannered Reverend Shandy has popped round to offer his condolences, potty-mouthed vigilante Gronya is on the hunt for the local paedophile, and her equally unpleasant daughter just so happens to have the same name as the deceased.

First performed at the Royal Court in 2002, The Lying Kind is a deliciously dark farce that we’ll be playing for laughs. We’ve been inspired by comedy new and old from the League of Gentlemen and Black Books, to Monty Python and Morecambe & Wise.

It’s also a really physical piece so we’ll be looking for people who can throw themselves into a fight with an imaginary dog, or take a knock from a truncheon and fall to the floor like a stack of bricks.

Finally we’re on the lookout for people who’ve got ideas to share – we know how certain aspects of the piece will look but we need actors who’ll play around with our ideas and fill in the gaps.

5. Cast

We’ve listed playing ages below and that’s exactly what they are – we’re very happy to cast younger people as Garson and Balthasar if you can master the physicality. Equally the two policeman and Reverend Shandy can be any age. It’s only Gronya and her daughter Carol that need to have the appropriate age gap between them.

Gobbel (m/f, playing age 20-40) – The more excitable and less able of the two policeman. Think Father Dougal from Father Ted, or Alice from The Vicar of Dibley.

Blunt (m, playing age 20-40) – Sees himself as the senior officer of the pair but there’s not much in it. Think Bernard from Black Books or Ernie Wise.

Gronya (m/f, playing age 35-50) – A formidable woman with a filthy mouth and a temper to match. Think a foul-mouthed Mrs Trunchbull from Matilda.

Garson (f, playing age 60-80) – Elderly and easily confused. Garson has a habit of hallucinating and a penchant for showing her undies to anyone who’ll look. We’ll use make up to make her look old but you’ll need to be able to get the physicality right. Think Julie Walters in the Two Soups sketch.

Balthasar (m, playing age 60-80) – Garson’s husband. Exasperated by the interruption to his evening and almost as confused as his wife. We’ll use make up here too but again you need to get the physicality right. Think Victor Meldrew.

Reverend Shandy (m, playing age 20-60) – Every inch the model vicar until provoked when he reveals a surprisingly powerful voice. Gets hit over the head more than most. Think Father Ted.

Carol (f, playing age late teens) – Gronya’s daughter and you can tell – she’s got some choice phrases up her sleeve. Think Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.