Blood Wedding Cast

Cast in order of appearance

Blood Wedding marks a rather festive first anniversary for Ami at KDC.  Since drowning the stage with tears as both Hamlet and Electra and leaving little to the imagination in Stag Nation, she is pretty excited to take on an even more sinister role this season.  She is starting to worry about being typecast as murderous, bloodthirsty loners, but at least this one doesn’t indulge in incest.  When she’s not lurking about on stage, Ami tends to the cosmopolitan farm animals of London, muddles through a PhD, co-edits Reprobait magazine and tweets about how tired she is @ayemiy.

Emma KnottMother – Emma Knott
Emma first performed with KDC back in 2007 as the mildly violent teenager Helen in The Cripple of Inishmaan. Over the years she’s morphed herself into a variety of soldiers, spurned women and spinsters in plays such as All’s Well That Ends Well, Dangerous Corner and Crimes of the Heart. Having spent some time on the other side of the fence directing The Libertine, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Lying Kind, Emma returned to the stage last year in KDC’s Halloween season.

Mark EwinsBridegroom – Mark Ewins
Mark is delighted once again to be performing with KDC and that his last performance in KDC’s What the Dickens didn’t scare people away! By day Mark works as a Food Product Technologist but by night he is a collector of talents. He plays clarinet in a community orchestra (CLO) and sings with Sustain choir or ‘we’ll sing for cake’. As a keen ice skater Mark lives on the edge and enjoys a good cast ice-breaker and post-performance pint…’re buying 🙂

Su VigusNeighbour – Su Vigus
Su came to acting a few years ago through singing in amateur opera productions and this is her second venture with KDC, having played the nurse from hell in the 2012 production of Dracula. Roles with other companies include Agnes in Dancing at Lughnasa (Tower Theatre), Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (SEDOS) and Lucetta in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Cheltenham Rococo Players). Su also has Musical Director/Composer credits for Bazaar and Rummage (Network Theatre) and Murder in the Cathedral (CP Theatre Productions).

Asma ManiWife – Asma Mani
Asma’s acting debut (aged 4) as the improbably-cast Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk has led to her playing an eclectic mix of characters, including traffic wardens, queens, maids, hookers, lords, goddesses and thwarted nearly-nuns. Her longest dramatic engagement was a two-year stint pretending to be a teacher (audiences were – eventually – receptive). By day she now pretends to understand tax and computers, a career choice entirely informed by The West Wing. Afraid of being type-cast by her previous roles, she is exploring the uncharted territories of being a wife and mother in Blood Wedding.

Helen JacksonMother-in-Law – Helen Jackson
Helen moved to the big smoke from oop north many moons ago and has treaded the boards with KDC on several occasions, playing everything from a mischievous fairy to an angry chav. Past productions include A Clockwork Orange, The Tamer Tamed and Electra. She is looking forward to eating all the wine-cakes.

Govind ThompsonLeonardo – Govind Hodgson
This is Govind’s fifth season with KDC and subsequently fifth rather standard biog – and this one promises to be no different. Govind has been lucky enough to play many lovely parts with KDC, and has loved every moment of this one.


Ciara RobleyFirst Girl – Ciara Robley
This is Ciara’s third involvement with KDC. Not so long ago she was otherwise known as ‘Hoodie’ and/or ‘Despair’ in KDC’s Twisted: The Modern Plays. Oooh. She cannot wait to play a less typical role that involves her other loves: Song and Dance (olé!) and she’s equally looking forward to not having ‘blood’ dripping from her face every night. That said, given the title, she may have just spoken too soon…..!

Ade GbinigieServant – Ade Gbinigie
Ade has been performing since she was a child and has been training for as long in dance, singing and acting. This is her second time in Blood Wedding; having been previously cast as Beggar Woman/Death, she is looking forward to being less creepy overall. She has also been in shows such as Metamorphoses, The Cripple of Inishmaan and Clybourne Park to name a few plays. She is heavily involved in Musical Theatre as well, having recently been in A Chorus Line where she played Kristine. She hopes you enjoy the show and looks forward to her next foray onto the stage and/or screen.

Jimi OdellFather – Jimi Odell
Jimi spent his innocent years performing with The St Albans Youth Music Theatre where he learnt to crack his knuckles, knit a scarf, and hide behind synchronised dancers. Now in his wild years, he can be found singing and playing guitar in various musical collectives. A scriptwriter and occasional online columnist, he has written articles as diverse as ‘The Top Twelve Non-Existent Sequels’ and ‘How To Get Rid of a Badger’. Blood Wedding is his third KDC outing, having previously acted in Dracula and written a script for the recent Halloween 2013 plays.

Valerie AntwiBride – Valerie Antwi
Valerie is delighted to be joining the wonderful cast of Blood Wedding for her first production with KDC.
Valerie has performed in a variety of productions, most recently she could be seen as ‘Soldier (behind tree)’ and ‘Soldier (who rapidly dies)’ in Macbeth for SEDOS. Some past favourites include Duckling in Our Country’s Good (TBTL), Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Salisbury Playhouse Studio) and Karolka in Jenufa (Arcola Theatre).

Manisha HiraniSecond Girl – Manisha Hirani
After graduating with a Law degree in 2010, I decided to follow my dreams and pursue my passion in acting. I have been in 2 feature films (only small roles) and completed a number of short films and commercials. I also love sports and adrenaline and have taken part in a triathlon and a half marathon in the past 3 years – and would love to face more challenges in the future (and hopefully not break my legs or my back doing so). I hope to continue carrying on with my work and move on to bigger projects in the next few years, and being in Blood Wedding is definitely a stepping stone in my career.

Darren EvansGuest – Darren Evans
Ever since I was a teenager, people have often said that I had a very vivid imagination and I should go into drama. I did not believe it at the time, as I thought they just appreciated the joke or impersonation that I did. In 2009 I decided to do Beginners Acting at the City Academy. I received so much genuine encouragement that I continued with City Academy to do the intermediate course. My favourite actor of all time has to be Morgan Freeman, and my favourite type of film – outside the comedy genre – is a film that makes you think. When I was at school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be or what I was good at. Twelve years on and I am finally realising what I am naturally good at. Better late than never.

Graeme ThompsonFirst Youth – Graeme Thompson
Graeme is pleased to be back with KDC after an absence of 4 years, spent sunning himself in Belfast, though strangely he never got as tanned as most of the locals. This is his first experience of Lorca, and of dancing in front of people who have to watch; Graeme would like to apologise to each of you.

Blood Wedding Tickets

‘Let’s go to some dark hiding-place where I can always love you …’
‘And I shall sleep at your feet to watch over your dreams.’

Love is patient. Love is not kind. It burns, it sears, it whispers in the blood. It waits, it breathes, it haunts. Through a passionate play that explores love lost, love won and love that refuses to die, KDC Theatre cordially invites you to Blood Wedding. In the heat of a Spanish summer, in the depths of the darkest forest of them all … till death do us part.

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Blood Wedding Cast List

Here is the cast list for Blood Wedding, directed by Kate Moore:

Bride – Valerie Antwi
Guest – Darren Evans
Bridegroom – Mark Ewins
Servant – Ade Gbinigie
Second Girl – Manisha Hirani
Leonardo – Govind Hodgson
Mother-in-Law – Helen Jackson
Mother – Emma Knott
Wife – Asma Mani
Father – Jimi Odell
First Girl – Ciara Robley
Beggar Woman – Ami Sawran
First Youth – Graeme Thompson
Neighbour – Su Vigus

Assistant Director – Nick Edwards

Blood Wedding – Audition Notice

Blood weddingby Federico García Lorca, translated by John Edmunds
Directed by Kate Moore
Tuesday 1 – Saturday 5 April
The Lion & Unicorn Theatre

1. Auditions

You do not need to prepare anything in advance. Auditions will take the form of improvisations and reading scenes from the script, handed to you on the night. I am looking for actors who can express a narrative using more than just the words they say, who are committed to creating believable, sympathetic, fully rounded characters.
Some characters (five of the nine female parts) need to be able to hold a tune. For those actors up for contention for those particular roles at the recalls, there will be a basic singing audition on the Saturday; again, you do not need to prepare anything and will be briefed in advance. Please be assured I am looking first and foremost for actors for the roles, and that acting talent more than singing ability will influence casting decisions.
Because there will be some singing and dancing for some characters in the play, it would be really helpful if actors can list on their preference forms if they have any prior experience in these areas and feel comfortable doing basic singing/dancing on stage.
Date: 14th, 15th & 16th January. Please come on whichever day suits you Time: 6.30pm (we will start promptly!)
Venue: Clean Break Studios, 2 Patshull Road, Kentish Town, NW5 2LB. The nearest tube is Kentish Town
Recalls will be on Saturday 18th January from 10.30am to 2.30pm. You will be called on Friday 17th if we’d like to see you again.

2. Show Dates

We’ll be performing from Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th April at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. The shows will start at 7.30pm and you’ll need to be at the theatre at least an hour beforehand. The dress rehearsal will be on Monday 31st March. You will need to be free from midday onwards, possibly all day.

3. Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons/ evenings. All rehearsals will be in central London.

4. Synopsis

NB: The only character in the play with a given name is Leonardo.
Bride and Bridegroom are to be married – despite the reservations of Bridegroom’s Mother, who is still grieving for her murdered husband and son.
But the Bride has a secret. Her first love, Leonardo, is still desperately in love with her, and she with him. As the play opens, both have tried to deny their passion for each other, with Leonardo now married and with a son.
Yet the shaky peace will not hold. When the news of the Bride’s forthcoming wedding reaches Leonardo, he takes to riding out across the fields at night to see her. Theirs is a love that will not die. Bride has a decision to make – one that will prove to have unimaginable consequences…
My vision for the play is predicated on casting actors who will find and embody their characters completely, fully embracing the complexity and simmering passions of their roles, and creatively and emotionally building relationships and histories. Rehearsals will take the script as a starting point and source to create back stories, which we’ll build on through improvisation and detailed character work. I want every character to know where they’ve come from and what they’ve done and felt in their life right up to the moment the play opens, when the audience joins us to see this small section of a much bigger life picture.
Our setting is a hot summer in the Spanish countryside. An indeterminate era, but the people are peasant country folk from a simpler time than our own, from a rural farming community. The set will be framed by imposing tree shapes to create an ethereal and creepy atmosphere, evoking classic fairy tales and papercut silhouettes; an encroaching forest that, eventually, swallows us whole.

5. Cast Breakdown

14 actors (9 women, 5 men)

There will be no doubling up of parts, enabling each actor to take their sole character on their own emotional journey through the play each night. This is very much an ensemble piece of theatre, with every actor having a decent amount to do in the play, and a unique back story to bring to life.
Bride (F, 20s – her age is given as 21-turning-22 in the script)

Strong, passionate, desperate, dutiful at times, cannot help but feel the burden of her heavy secret. Full of conflicting desires. Will she follow her heart?
Leonardo (M, 20s)

Classic brooding hero. Alpha male. Passionate, capable, strong, wilful, sexy – and charismatic as hell.
Mother (F, over 30)

Mother to the Bridegroom. Her beloved husband and other son were murdered and she is still absolutely beholden to her grief. She eats, breathes, drinks, sleeps and dreams their deaths. She’s lonely. Her rage at her loss is ever-present beneath the surface, an incendiary touch paper just waiting to be lit.
Bridegroom (M, 20s)

A fun, funny, likeable man full of joie de vivre and infectious enthusiasm, with a ready smile and an open heart.
Neighbour (F, over 30)

Neighbour to the Mother and apparent friends – but there is no love lost between these two. Neighbour is a terrible gossip, proud and supercilious, always sniffing around for the next juicy titbit of news. There’s opportunity for this to be a comedic role in places.
Wife (F, 20s)

Wife to Leonardo. She is a cousin of the Bride. She has a baby with her husband and another child on the way. She cares deeply for her spouse and cannot understand why he is increasingly distant. She can be somewhat scared and timid, but has reserves of courage. The Wife sings a lullaby to her baby (a duet with her mother) in the play, so the actress will need to be able to hold a tune on stage.
Mother-in-Law (F, over 30)

Mother to Wife; Mother-in-Law to Leonardo. She is your classic ‘mother-in-law’ character on paper – interfering, nosy, fussy, sharp, disapproving, strong-willed. But there is always another side to the story: her husband left her and she fears the same fate awaits her daughter… She sings the duet lullaby with the Wife and will need to be able to hold a tune.
Father (M, over 30)
Father to the Bride. Hardworking, kindly family man, cares deeply for his daughter and for his family and farm, wanting them to thrive into the future. A peacekeeper. Yet his wife never loved him, and he brought their daughter up alone.
Servant (F, over 30)

Servant to the Bride and her Father. She is a mother figure to the Bride and has worked in the family for years. She runs the family home like clockwork and takes responsibility for everything – whether organising the wedding feast or doing the Bride’s hair on the morning of her wedding. She can be excitable, stern, romantic, bawdy, cutting, clever, protective. While she and the Bride have their ups and downs, the Bride trusts her implicitly. The Servant sings in the play so will need to be able to hold a tune.
First Youth (M, 20s-30s)

Essentially the Best Man to the Bridegroom. Full of energy and bon viveur, he makes the stage come alive whenever he’s in a scene. He’s the first to get the party started. He’s also incredibly loyal. I’m ideally looking for an actor who can also dance a bit – or has rhythm and is willing to learn.
First Girl (F, 20s)

A ball of energy, First Girl is flirtatious and sexy, opinionated and fun. She is loud and carefree. I’m looking for an actress who can also dance and sing.
Second Girl (F, 20s)

A quiet and thoughtful girl with stories and emotions swimming in her eyes, Second Girl is a friend to the Bride. She is also secretly in love with the Bridegroom – but doesn’t have many lines to convey this, so I’m looking for an exceptionally expressive actress for this role. Second Girl will also need to be able to hold a tune.
Guest (M, 20s-30s)

A bit of a bumbling wedding guest on the Father’s side, keen to get involved but somehow always slightly behind the times. There’s an opportunity here for an actor to craft a gem of a character study, with chances to find humour and off-script narratives for the role.
Beggar Woman (F, any age)
This character is on stage throughout the play. She is the personification of Death. She needs to intrigue and frighten the audience. She has a chilling, luxurious, lengthy monologue where she comes to the fore, as well as some other spoken scenes, and is key to the climax of the play. I’m looking for an actress who can emote strongly and be absolutely charismatic in this icy, ethereal role. She is weak and vulnerable at the beginning but strong and powerful by the end. The Beggar Woman is comparable to the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty – an uninvited malevolent presence always on the sidelines, who eventually takes centre stage.