Pitches for Autumn 2018

This Autumn KDC is seeking three directors to perform in two weeks in November. We are inviting pitches for productions that you, as a director, are longing to stage. We are also seeking directors for two very dark and very different one act plays, which are being brought together for the first time.

She takes place over 1 night in a restaurant, 3 stories, different perspectives, all leading to this one moment; a simple action with violent consequences.

Stiff invites the audience to see the other side of death, set in a mortuary; how will the night shift cope when confronted with a familiar face?

We want to know what will make your production special. You can pitch for as many productions as you like and, if you can’t make the dates of this season, we would love to know what you would have pitched. After all, spring is only round the corner…

Key dates for directors

13 Sep 2018 – Season Launch Event – Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon
17-19 Sep 2018 – Auditions – Theatre Delicatessen – Deli Studios
22 Sep 2018 – Recalls – Theatre Delicatessen – Deli Studios
24 Sep 2018 – Rehearsals Mon/Wed/Sun – Various locations
6-10 Nov 2018 – She/Stiff – White Bear Theatre, Kennington
27 Nov – 1 Dec 2018 – Production Week 2 – Barons Court Theatre

Process for pitching

1. Pitches open Thurs 26 July 2018
Prospective directors to register interest by completing this contact form by Mon 6 Aug. The scripts for the two one act plays will be forwarded in response

    2. Complete questionnaire By Mon 6 Aug 2018
    Prospective directors to complete KDC pitch questionnaire (see full list of questions below)

    3. Interviews Mon 30 July – Tue 14 Aug 2018
    Prospective directors will meet with Steph, Artistic Director and Sarah, Chair. Steph will be in touch to arrange the meeting once contact form is received

    4. Decision Mid-August 2018
    Autumn productions and directors confirmed

    For information – the full set of questions are listed below, in case you would like to prepare your answers in advance of completing online.
    1. Name
    2. Email address
    3. Dates pitching for:
    a) 6 – 10 November 2018 at White Bear (directing ‘Stiff’ or ‘She’)
    b) 27 November – 1 December 2018 at Barons Court Theatre (directing my own choice of play)
    4. Name of the play are pitching to direct?
    5. * Author
    6. * Date of first publication? (This can be found on the information page at the front of the published script)
    7. * What is it about – please give a brief description of the plot of the play?
    8. How would you characterise the genre?
    9. What do you like about this play?
    10. How do you plan to present the play?
    11. Why would your production be great for KDC members to get involved in?
    12. What experience do you have of working with/managing groups of people? This can include theatre/directing experience or experience from another area of your life.
    13. * What is the approximate running time of play? Will you have an interval?
    14. Number of actors needed/sought?
    15. *What is the likely male/female split of your cast?
    16. Do you plan to work with an assistant director or producer? If so, do you have someone in mind?
    17. * If your pitch is successful, we will apply for any performance rights needed. However, sometimes the rights for plays are unavailable. To avoid disappointment, we invite directors to consider a rights free production, which could act as a back-up if their first choice isn’t available. If you would like to submit a full proposal for another play, you can complete this form again for a different play. If you already have other plays in mind and would like to let us know what they are, you can include them here.
    Is there anything else you want to tell us?
    18. Do you have any questions?