Spring season casts

Thanks to all our auditionees, we had a great turnout this season and it was difficult to turn away so much talent. But we have made our decisions and rehearsals have begun apace! Without further ado, our casts for this season:

The Real Inspector Hound

Moon — Julian Guassardo
Birdboot — Ben Harris
Mrs Drudge — Anna Kretschmer
Cynthia Muldoon — Steph Farrell
Felicity Cunningham — Izzy Boreham
Major Magnus — Omar Aga
Inspector Hound — Micky Gibbons
Simon Gascoyne — Neeraj Thakrar

The Heroine’s Journey

Grace Aldridge
Renata Garcia
Gabriella Guymer-Davies
Govind Hodgson
Anie Hussain
Becky Shepherdson
Freddie Wride

Our improv group have also started, and new writing competition also kicked off, we have a busy season ahead of us. Hope to see you at the performances 29 March-9 April!