Autumn Season casts

We are delighted to announce our castings for our Autumn Season shows. We had a very popular audition, and it was a pleasure seeing so many talented enthusiastic people. This is the casts for our November shows, congratulations to all involved. We’ll be cheering you on from the audience. (Quietly. We won’t actually cheer. Until the end, or a specifically-authorised cheering-point. Directors, can we have one of those please?)

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‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Annabella – Julia Pagett
Bergetto – Stephen Lucas
Giovanni – Calvin Crawley
Grimaldi – Iacopo Pozzana
Lord Soranzo – Matt Tylianakis
Poggio – Charlotte Robbins
Putana – Kelly Nicholas
Signor Donado – Stephen Russell
Signora Florio – Danielle Capretti
Sister Bonaventura – Camilla Walters
Vasques – Annabel Thomson

Animal Farm

Old Major / Napoleon – David Pearson
Squealer / Moses / Frederick – Nick Fraser
Snowball / Benjamin – Rhydian Harris
Narrator / Jones – Rahul Singh
Clover / Various Animals – Ylenia Mezzetti
Boxer / Pilkington – Yannis Lionis
Mollie / Muriel – Portia Leslie