Pitches open for Spring 2019

With our Autumn Season well under way it’s time to set our eyes to Spring (we are sorry, it’s not even Halloween yet…) but there are 3 weeks up for grabs as part of our first season of 2019 at Barons Court Theatre w/c 18th/25th March and 1st April. There is no set theme to follow for Spring, we just really want to see your passion for your chosen project come through in your pitch.

Please keep the following in mind when making your choice: KDC’s acting demographic is predominantly made up for 20s/30s; we historically have a higher percentage of auditionees that identify as female; we generally look for a minimum cast number of 6 and the Barons Court itself is an intimate space so bear that in mind with regards to tech etc.

Each season is looked at individually so if you don’t think your idea quite fits the above, do still get in touch! Also, obtaining rights can sometimes prove problematic so within your pitch you will be asked for a 2nd choice, please give this some serious thought as you will be asked about it in your pitch interview (but don’t be put off if you don’t have one, we can chat about options should we need to).

Hopefully that doesn’t all sound too scary BUT there’s a handy information sheet and if you’re still unsure, have questions or would like any further information or support in order to complete your pitch, please contact me directly at: artisticdirector@kdctheatre.com

Whether you’ve directed for KDC before or would finally like to give it a go, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeves!

Spring Season 2019 – info for prospective directors

Apply here

Steph (& Your KDC Committee)