Meet The Ghost Train Cast – Gabriella Guymer-Davies

What’s your previous theatre experience?
I was a member of a youth theatre company for many years where I was lucky enough to play characters ranging from Elaine in Laura Wade’s Breathing Corpses, to Blazerbird in Feathers in the Snow, and a Jewish Hedgehog in Wind in the Willows – A Musical which I was strictly not allowed to sing in. It was an amazing company, and we had a lot of fun both in rehearsals and in the pub after. Actually a very good foundation for KDC…

Tell us about your character in The Ghost Train
Peggy is a new bride who always tries to remain positive through adversity, and ensure her new husband doesn’t ‘grouse’. Out of all of the people stranded at the station, she is the one who tries to connect with everyone and is always thoughtful towards the other characters, sometimes at her peril…

How have you found the rehearsal process?
I am loving the rehearsal process. It’s intense, but Nick (the director) has unlimited patience and enthusiasm, which really helps the cast. The cast is made up of a fantastic group of people, which adds to the fun, tenfold. We sometimes rehearse in the function rooms of the Hoop & Grapes, which is great. Guinness, the pub’s cat, has much less enthusiasm for the play.

Describe the show in three words.
Hand-wringing, heart-warming and horribly scary.

What are you looking forward to about show week?
I always love how close you get as a cast, so I’m certainly looking forward to the backstage and after show fun. It will be really interesting to hear the audiences’ reaction as well, to see if we have done our jobs properly and that they come on the journey with us. It’s just such a great play to be a part of and we are so lucky to be performing in Barons Court Theatre as it really fits the mood of the play.

What is your favourite spooky film or TV show?
Possibly Young Frankenstein as it is everything good about British humour, and really takes the fun out of the spooky genre.