Meet The Ghost Train Cast – Elizabeth Stevens

Elizabeth Stevens

What’s your previous KDC experience?
I was in a production of The Children’s Hour at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in March 2016, directed by Chris Davis. I really enjoyed performing in a more intimate space again and made some incredible friends along the way.

Tell us about your character in ‘The Ghost Train’
Julia Price is, in a word, troubled. She suffers from “delusions” and manic episodes that all started several years earlier when she claims she saw the ghost train one night. Even though she believes that to set eyes upon the ghost train would be death to her, she still feels compelled to see it again.

How have you found the rehearsal process?
So far rehearsals have been really fascinating. Nick is really good at giving his actors space to explore their characters and really develop a deeper understanding of their background and the environment in which they live. I’ve already picked up a few good tips that I will definitely be using again!

Describe the show in three words.
Intriguing, surprising and… SPOOKY!

What are you looking forward to about show week?
That moment when the house lights dim and the audience falls into a hushed silence. In those seconds the relaxed chatter ceases and the whole room fills with anticipation as you feel the eyes of every single audience member turn to the stage. The silence becomes deafening, the stage lights come up, your stomach lurches, you take a deep breath and you launch yourself into the show!

What is your favourite spooky film or TV show?
Stranger Things. I remember thinking one Friday night that I’d give it a go and watch the first episode. Fast forward to 5am and I had binged watch the entire series in one sitting! Hands down some of the most compulsive viewing I’ve experienced in a long time!