BU21 is comprised of 6 interlinking monologues that follows the story of a group of young people and how their lives are altered in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in central London.
“These days there’s just this endless stream of horrendous shit going down… it feels sort of voyeuristic to watch, but sort of disrespectful to switch it off… you can’t literally conceive of it happening to you… then it does… and nothing prepares you for how fierce it is.’
First performed in March 2016 in association with Kuleshov, it transferred after it’s sell-out run at Theatre503 to Trafalgar Studios in January this year.
This play is dark, smart, funny even heart-warming at times but does not pull any punches. Stuart Slade describes it as “my attempt to understand how people cope with, and potentially overcome, traumatic events in their lives. Based on exhaustive research from a range of terrorist events, it’s a play that faces the darkest of tragedies square in the face but also leaves room for optimism and hope”.
BU21 will be performed at Baron’s Court Theatre.
Updates on the production coming soon…