BU21 Cast Biographies

Lucy: Lucy Harper
Lucy is a Graphic Designer by day and a performer by night/weekends/days off. She has enjoyed creating drama from the ripe age of 4, and has been involved in various productions from devised pieces to straight up classics ever since. Most recently you will have found her at Bestival festival as part of an improvisation troop tasked with increasing the peace amongst festival goers; mostly achieved through immersive games and storytelling. She enjoys dancing to disco and making cheese sandwiches.

David: David Hepburn
David is a Scottish actor living in London. David has played lead and supporting roles in over 30 stage shows across the UK. Last year David was Dorian Gray in The Picture of Dorian Gray at The Space Theatre before taking the production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in January next year David will be The Creature in Tower Theatre’s Frankenstein. This is David’s first KDC Theatre show and thanks all the cast/crew for putting up with him.

Melissa: Melissa Phillips
Melissa trained and worked as an Actor in New Zealand before moving to London in 2013. Melissa’s most recent credits have been in the commercial world for brands such as First Direct Bank, GiffGaff and Aldi. You can often find Melissa at the National Theatre bookshop devouring new plays! She has a strong interest in new writing, musical theatre & devised work. BU21 is Melissa’s first show with KDC!

Keir: Keir Mills
This is Keir’s fifth production with KDC. Having somewhat exacerbated a family feud as Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet, he then attempted to keep his head, Rudyard Kipling style, as Dr Cardin in The Children’s Hour and then vehemently express a vision of anti-E.U.topia as The Terrorist in There Has Possibly Been An Incident and most recently hamming up his Tony Soprano vernacular to its upmost as Sal in Den Of Thieves. Alongside his stage work, Keir’s on-screen credits include the feature films City Rats and Shaun Of The Dead and acclaimed shorts HoneymoonThe Outcasts and Green Means Stop. Not forgetting TV Shows including Channel 4’s Teachers and Messiah and the usual rounds of The Bill (R.I.P.), Holby City and Casualty amongst others. Keir is proud of the fact that Charlie Brooker once called him the biggest c**t in advertising for a truly appalling Coke Zero commercial.

Previous to this, the most amount of times Keir had written ‘Keir’ in any singular piece of writing was four. So he is proud to have taken the opportunity to beat this record… comfortably. Keir knows this bio will be cut.

Lene: Lene Kqiku
After moving to London in 2013, Lene Kqiku has pursued her dream of becoming the UK’s premiere Finnish/Albanian actress. With this, her first performance at KDC, she is already well on the way.

After studying with a range of acting schools, she has begun working on a number of short film projects, including the upcoming sci-fi Opus one, drama Brexit and psychological horror thriller Carcera.

With a passion for drama, both on and off the stage, she can often be found performing in the streets, bus depots and strangers’ weddings.

Jess: Jess Ketchen
BU21 is Jess’s first show with KDC. Jess works in an office day-to-day but loves to perform in her free time. She hasn’t featured in a show for over 2 years, since she performed Horizon in the Soho theatre, using her time instead to take up new hobbies, such as pole fitness and bouldering. She is now excited to get back on the stage.