Directors for Spring Season 2017

In Spring 2017 we’ll be back at the Barons Court Theatre for three weeks from 27 March through to 15 April. We’re looking for three directors to take on a week each with rehearsals starting in January 2017.

What’s the deal?

Without our wonderful directors nothing would happen. We rely on you creative geniuses to dream up the ideas and become the enthusiastic, balls of energy that inspire our actors to take those ideas to the stage. We want to hear from all budding and established directors who would be interested in pitching a play. Over the past year we’ve had directors doing their first play and their fortieth-ish so don’t let your level of experience deter you.

What kind of thing do we want?

ANYTHING!!! We love theatre in all its dramatic, hilarious, touching and downright avant-garde glory. It’s been a while since we dusted off the Shakespeare folio so we’d be interested to hear some Shakespeare pitches. And if new writing takes your fancy let us know and we’ll send you the scripts that are in the new writing bank.

Things to consider

KDC prefers play with upwards of 8 roles in order to give our actors plenty of parts. However, don’t let that deter you from pitching other things, we have ways…

The theatres we use are fairly small and our show budgets are limited. If you are picturing a revolve and purpose built ship it probably won’t happen.

KDC have fantastic actors but they aren’t professionals: they have lives, families, jobs, insecurities and are doing theatre because they love it, not because they are paid for it. As a director you need to be sensitive this and create an environment where people feel safe and free to be creative. Please have a think about this because it’s very important and we will ask!

I’m interested, what now?

In the first instance drop Kim our Artistic Director ( a quick email briefly explaining what you’d like to pitch by 5pm on Friday 30 September and we can take it from there. We’ll be hearing pitches on Monday 3 October so please keep that date free.