Round Table Readings Autumn 2015

In a few short weeks we get to play again with the rebooted, revamped, all-new, refurbished, born-again Round Table Readings! Come join us for a beer / tea / packet o’crisps in the pub while we give a brand new piece of writing a good thorough probing. We’ll be reading the whole play, plus experiementing with different character direction and swapping parts around to explore all the angles, and then have a chat at the end about what we thought. Open to actors who want a bit of fun reading new characters, and anyone who would like to kick back and listen to the show.

Miranda versus the Get Over Women Club
by Matthew Patridge
7pm, Tuesday 29 September
Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon Street

Can’t come? No problem, there is still 3 other Roundtable Readings this year:
Thursday 8 October
Tuesday 13 October
(then a little break for our shows, and)
Thursday 12 November