Tiger at the Gates Cast & Crew Biographies

Charlie BaileyAbneos / Ajax – Charlie Bailey
Charlie has been training as an Undergrad for the past few months at the Pauline Quirke Academy. He feels very lucky to have had great training from Nancy Sullivan and David Thaxton from W1 Workshops and the professionals at the Pauline Quirke Academy who are responsible for the progress that he has made in the last few months.  Charlie is very grateful to have been able to work with Nick for his first stage production and has enjoyed the rehearsal and performing process with him and the rest of the cast.

Jessica ClementsAndromache – Jessica Clements
After nearly a 10-year hiatus, Jessica is excited to return to the stage in her first ever role with KDC. Originally from Canada, Jessica trained as an Actor at the University of British Columbia but, like most young artists, got a bit side tracked and ended up in a career having nothing to do with the fine arts. Although she has had to sew the zipper into the back of her dress for this performance (which she is not to be held responsible for in the event of a costume malfunction!), she is happy she isn’t required to eat an entire pumpkin pie on stage each night or do a strip tease while wearing lady bug granny pants. Her favourite roles to date include Emile (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), Geraldine (What the Butler Saw), Shirley (Criminal Genius) and Denise (Bonjour La! Bonjour!).

Kwesi DaviesBusiris / Minos / Topman – Kwesi Davies
Well, thank you for taking the time to come to the show if you have. I hope you really enjoy it. We all really enjoyed making it. For me, personally, this is my first involvement in such as organized amateur production and it has been great. Nick the ddirector has always been relaxed and friendly, but always asked more of us. He has created a really fun environment for us all t work in, and has always supported us to enjoy our work. This has made, as I mentioned earlier, for a really enjoyable rehearsal period. As for my other cast members, the word that springs to mind is ‘cool’. We just got along and got on with it. No prima donna’s, just nice people having a laugh and getting on with a show. So people, I hope you enjoy and God Bless.

Harriet BradleyCassandra – Harriet Bradley
This is Harriet’s first play with KDC, after a rather risqué London acting debut in Network Theatre’s ‘Love and Deceit’ simulating sex onstage, followed by a performance as the 13 year old Thomasina in an extract from ‘Arcadia’ for SEDOS. She is rather relieved to be playing a relatively less terrifying role in ‘Tiger at the Gates’! Previously Harriet directed and produced theatre while studying History at Oxford University; plays included ‘The Lion in Winter’ and her own adaptation of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ which ran at Magdalen College and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009. She is currently writing her first full-length play, and hoping to return to Edinburgh with her theatre company in 2014.

Simon HillDemokos – Simon Hill
This is Simon’s second show with KDC, having appeared in War of the Wales’s, as part of the RSC Open Stages project and in the Edinburgh Fringe earlier this year.  He has also has appeared at the Bridewell as Sepulchrave (Gormenghast) and Capulet (Romeo & Juliet). Outside London, he has appeared regularly at the Pendley Shakespeare Festival, the Aylesbury Limelight, and the Court Theatre, Tring.  Roles have included Macbeth, Macduff and Duncan (Macbeth), Oswald and Edmund (King Lear), Polonius (Hamlet, twice), Baptista (Taming of the Shrew, twice), Vincentio (Measure for Measure), Montague (Romeo & Juliet), Doctor Miranda (Death & the Maiden), the Ratcatcher (Kindertransport), Ludwig (Cabaret), Lord Illingworth (Woman of No Importance), Serebryakov (Uncle Vanya), both name parts in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and last year as Jeff in Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell. A mystery to his employer whom he rarely visits, this City Gent and erstwhile blues singer finds pensions “exciting”.

Ric RentonHector – Ric Renton
In Ric’s first play with KDC he portrayed a Geordie cockalorum. His second KDC production sees him play a legendary, charming, handsome and perfectly proportioned moral warrior, which is a relief as, professionally speaking, the first play really took some acting.


Michelle-Louise WrightHecuba – Michelle-Louise Wright
Michelle-Louise trained as an actress through LAMDA, gaining her Gold Medal in 1995, and was a founder member of Basingstoke Youth Theatre. Notable appearances have included Rizzo in ‘Grease’, Alison in ‘Look Back in Anger’ and Ouisa in ‘Steel Magnolias’ at Oxford University. She works as a teacher of English and Drama, shamelessly indoctrinating her students into a love of Shakespeare. She hopes to found a South London Youth Shakespearean Society in 2014. Her passions include very loud rock music, real ale and visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, where she dreams of one day acting with Jamie Parker, David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. This is Michelle-Louise’s first production with KDC.

Katy TrebleHelen – Katy Treble
Katy is delighted to be losing her KDC virginity to the role of Helen. Being in London nearly two years now she decided it’s time to get her theatre boots back on. Between drinking wine in the bath and working in the city Katy enjoys a good read – namely, Vogue. Previous credits include: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (Juliet), ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ (Adela), ‘A View from a Bridge’ (Catherine), ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Hermia) and ‘Of Mice and Men’ (Curley’s Wife).

Neil BallingerParis – Neil Ballinger
Neil Ballinger has been a member of KDC for three years, with previous credits including ‘Summers Gone’, ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Ups and Downs’.



Simone MumfordPolyxene / Olpides – Simone Mumford
This is Simone’s first time acting with KDC, and she is very amused by the fact that most people in the production believe she is eighteen, when really she is thirteen! (Awkward) A man once thought that she worked in Superdrug! People tell her that she is rather odd (Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must live.) and is known to be quite the party animal. Literally. Apart from typical school plays, Simone has appeared in ‘Four Rooms of Refuge’ and would have been featured in a Toyota advert had she been wearing the dress with the slightly larger squares on them. Oh well, at least she still got paid for her time and in addition got free snacks…

Gordon FoggoPriam – Gordon Foggo
Since coming to London last year, I have been doing Shakespeare (no royalties) in South London and Shakespeare (no royalties) in Earls Court Square Garden. I first stepped onto a stage a long time ago in a bejewelled city far away (Glasgow) and its been a fairytale ever since. I keep telling myself. We have a really good assembly of people for this production and I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. Having a great laugh at some of the rehearsal goings-on, what with slaps, spits, punches, tickles and time traveling Trojan telephones. I don’t get involved in all that, of course. I just walk about with a stick.

Steve MaherUlysses / Mathematician – Stephen Maher
Stephen Maher has recently moved to London from Dublin. He is eager to built on his theatre experiences which he has built from cities around the world as far away as Melbourne! Past theatre productions include:
An Inspector Calls, J.B. Priestly, (Gerald)
The Illusion, Pierre Corneille , (Pleribo/Theognees)
Hamlet, Shakespeare, (Hamlet)
The Lonesome West, Martin McDonagh, (Father Welsh)
Two Gentlemen of Verona, Shakespeare, (Proteus)
A Mid-Summer Nights Dream, Shakespeare, (Oberon)
Sexual Perversity in Chicago, David Mamet, (Bernie)
Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams, (Stanley)
Closer, Patrick Marber, (Larry)

Nick MoutonDirector – Nick Mouton
This production not only marks Nick’s tenth year with KDC and is his fourth directorial effort with the company, following ‘Junk’ (The Courtyard), ‘Noir’ (Hen & Chickens) and ‘Female Transport’ (The Landor), but it also completes his ‘Trojan Trilogy’ with KDC having played Ajax in ‘Troilus & Cressida’ and Odysseus in ‘Penelopiad’. Will there be a Quadrilogy? Watch this space. Other directing feats include his well-received first professional gig (three 4 star reviews!) ‘One Night Hire’ for So It Goes Theatre at Barons Court Theatre, and other pieces spanning Newcastle, Edinburgh and Crowthorne (it’s in Berkshire). Nick has also written a number of plays and comedy sketches that have been performed across London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Feel free to follow his ramblings @nickmouton

Simon ParisAssistant Director – Simon Paris
Simon Paris has been alive for 19 years now, successfully juggling his full time university course of Theatre Directing, assistant directing ‘Tiger at the Gates’, and working on other plays. When he is not spinning the plates of his career life, he is usually to be found out and about in the streets of London or visiting his family in Leicester. Simon didn’t always want to direct theatre, back in his youth his dream was to own an ice cream van and live between two hills so the ice cream van would not need petrol. Slowly, common sense clawed its way in and the ice cream dream bled out, but he hopes one day the dream will re surface and there will be free ice cream for all!