The Player Played Audition Notice

The-Player-Played-thumbTuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th April

The Player Played is a one-act play in rhyming verse.  It is a fun and light-hearted comedy about the games we play whilst pursuing or escaping love and matrimony.

1. Auditions

Auditions will take place from 6.30pm for a 7pm start on 28th and 29th January 2013 at the St Brides Foundation, 14 Bride Lane, City of London, EC4Y 8EQ. You do not need to register for auditions or prepare anything in advance. Please come on whichever day suits you.
Recalls will be on Saturday 2nd February from 11am-3pm at the St Brides Foundation, 14 Bride Lane, City of London, EC4Y 8EQ. If we’d like to see you at the recalls we’ll call you on Thursday 30th January to let you know.

2. Show Dates

We’ll be performing from Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th April at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. The shows will start at 7.30pm and you’ll need to be at the theatre at least an hour beforehand.

3. Synopsis

Charles has returned home from travelling about in Europe with his friend Belleur only to be confronted by Anna – the girl he left behind.  Despite her brother Doug’s insistence that Charles is a cad, Anna is determined that he is her man and will do whatever it takes to get him. As well as trying to escape that entanglement, Charles has also been ambushed by his father who has decided that it is time for him to settle down and has found Rose through the services of a professional matchmaker to be his wife. If Charles will not go accept Rose then his father is willing to cut him off. Rose captivates Belleur and he bumblingly attempts to woo her.

Chaos and comedy ensue as each character use their own tricks (and the sometimes misguided advice of others) to either snare their love or escape the shackles of matrimony.

4. Cast

Anna – mid 20s, head in the clouds, in love with Charles, bit ditzy

Doug – late 20s, older brother to Anna, practical & down to earth

Charles – late 20s, The Player, wealthy, a rake

Belleur – late 20s, friend to Charles, quite shy but genuinely nice guy

Henry – 50s, Charles father, wealthy but is tired of Charles playing the field and spending his trust fund and wants him to settle down with a nice girl

Rose – mid 20s, dresses to impress, confident, forward and foxy

Miss Nantolet – late 20s–30s, professional matchmaker (employed by Henry for Charles), elegant, speaks with a French accent

Maid – 20s, maid in Henry’s household, observant and opportunistic