The Priory Audition Notice

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Tuesday 4th December – Saturday 8th December

1. Introduction

Auditions will take place from 6.30pm for a 7pm start on 17th, 18th, 19th September 2012, with recalls on Saturday 22nd September 2012. Auditions will be at the St Brides Foundation, 14 Bride Lane, City of London, EC4Y 8EQ. Check the KDC theatre website for further details.

In order to be considered for this production, you must be available in the evenings for all of the performance dates (4th-8th December 2012), and all day Saturday 1st and Monday 3rd of December. Rehearsals will be in the City of London (locations TBC) on Saturdays (11am until 4pm), Monday 7pm- 9.30pm and Wednesdays 7pm-9.30pm. You will need to attend the majority of rehearsals for which you are called. Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend rehearsals on Saturdays you will not be cast in this show. If dates you cannot attend are not put on your audition form, we may in extreme cases have to reconsider casting.

A group of thirty-something friends and their partners get together for a New Years Eve weekend. Friendships are tested and begin to unravel as the frustrations that have previously prolonged a reunion come to a head. The play won the 2010 Laurence Olivier Award for best comedy following its 2009 debut at the Royal Court.

Director: Charles Golding – I have acted for KDC, The Tower, SEDOS and Southside Players in numerous roles. I have directed for KDC, SEDOS and my own company So it Goes…Theatre. I enjoy working in an energetic, collaborative manner, aiming to bring imagination and the unexpected to my productions.

Assistant Director: Douglas Baker – Experienced director of both film and theatre and Charles’ partner in So it Goes. This is the fourth time we have worked together.

2. Playing Ages & Description

Cast size: 7 (3 female, 4 male) –

Kate (25-35) – Working as a teacher with aspirations to be a full-time writer. Introspective, intelligent. Former partner of Carl.

Laura (18-25) – Seemingly a materialistic bimbo, she ends up being the most profound character. Fiancée of Ben.

Rebecca (30-40) – Career driven, psychopathically success orientated mother. Funniest character. Wife of Carl.

Adam (18-23) – Young internet date of Daniel. Arrogant, flippant and cool.

Ben (25-35) – Cocky, self absorbed hipster who never really left his gap year and is starting to look a touch tragic.

Carl (28-40) – Out of work actor whose best days appear behind him. Dominated by his wife Rebecca.

Daniel (25-35) – On the surface a successful good-humoured architect but underneath, neurotic and lacking confidence. Casting will be aged up or down depending on the main demographic of people auditioning.

3. First Round Auditions

The first round auditions will be a series of fast-paced, challenging drama games that will look to test stage-craft, comedy timing, awareness of others, concentration and vocal ability (non-singing). Everyone will be involved equally and the aim will be for people to have as much fun and as much chance to show off their skills as possible. Enthusiasm is one of the most essential qualities we are looking for.

4. Recall Audition Pieces

Recalls are by invitation only. Don’t worry, there is no need to learn any of the pieces in advance. We will tell you which piece to look at in more detail if you are asked to attend the recall.

You will note that the pieces below are quite short. We are anticipating a good turn out for our winter auditions and therefore time will be limited. Short audition pieces allow us to give everyone a fair audition time. We will not require any other pieces you may already have learnt. In the audition you will first be asked to perform the text and may then be asked to repeat with some direction.

Kate – ‘I had a nice time. Just did what I wanted to do. It was only when I was watching a film on Christmas Day and there was a little message along the bottom of the screen saying, ‘Are you alone? Depressed? If you are call…’ Well, I wasn’t, but I am now. Had a little cry. Well, quite a big one. Even looking at myself crying in the mirror, getting off on the drama of it all. Then I just drank red wine and ate cheese. So much cheese you wouldn’t believe it. Took a sleeping tablet, went to bed. All good. Christmas over.’

Rebecca – ‘Well, he’ll have an eye-opener once the baby comes along. That’ll test them. He’s having a mid-life crisis. She’s just out of nappies herself, it won’t work. The hardest thing you’ll ever do. Ours are going through a right thing at the moment. Especially Clemmie. She’s turned against her best friend, Scarlett, at nursery. Been so nasty to her. Saying she’s ugly and her games are boring. She’s got a point, her games are dull and she’s not the prettiest, but it is awful.’

Daniel – ‘You never know if it’s going to work out. What they’ll be like. If they’ll like you. And you’ve got this whole idea of them, whole fantasy, but you’ve never actually met. You start second guessing them. Saying stuff you think they’ll want to hear so they’ll like you. Little shit. We should check we haven’t been robbed. I’m serious, that’s probably why he was here. Which rooms did he go in? My jacket, he’s stolen my fuck*n’ jacket. It was on the back of that chair. ‘

Laura – ‘You don’t have to believe in God, as God. You know, a big man in the clouds with a white beard. You just have to believe in something outside of yourself. So this glass of wine, no, not that. My shoe could be God and I’d pray to that. I quite like that, praying to a big Balenciaga shoe. Aren’t they beautiful. I’m not going to tell you how much they cost. It’s like the law of attraction, isn’t it? Everything you bring into your life you ask for. Even when you don’t think you’re praying you are, you’re asking for it…’

Adam – ‘You never know what you’re gonna get when you meet blokes off the internet. They hardly ever look like their photo. But he’s just…We’ve been chatting for a few weeks and he seemed really keen. Always online, even during the day when he’s at work. Replies straight away. I liked that. And it all started getting a bit sexy, dirty, you know. Him saying what we were gonna do. It’s alright. We’d got into that sexy texting and it was good, really good. That’s why I’m here.’

Carl – ‘She says I should run my own garden centre or become a TV Gardner. I can’t just be a bloke who works in a garden centre. You know, since Rebecca has had her success more people acknowledge me now. Directors and actors who I hardly know, or who’d decided I had the whiff of failure about me, can’t get enough of me now. After this book, they’ll be all over you. Success is overrated anyway. Look at Rebecca. She’s miserable most of the time.’

Ben – Refer to pieces for Carl and Adam.