Conference Call Cast List

Jeremy Small (Martin Mills)

Jeremy has appeared in numerous amateur productions, including Twelfth Night, Blood Wedding and A Child’s Christmas In Wales. The former BBC broadcast journalist works as a medical administrator at Guy’s Hospital. He hopes to become a professional actor. This is the second KDC show in which Jeremy, 30, has performed. He played Petruchio in John Fletcher’s The Tamer Tamed in April this year.

Samantha Merrydew (Doctor Walmer)

Samantha’s love for acting started at school, where she studied drama. Her first role was playing an impish version of Lampito in Lysistrata.

After focusing on writing and film making at Brighton College of Technology, and then the University of Sussex, Samantha went back to her acting roots at the age of 23 when she was cast as the Third Witch in a feature adaptation of Macbeth, alongside Anthony Head:

Samantha then went on to study Acting at City Lit, with performances in The Mercy Seat (playing Abby Prescott) and The Odd Couple (playing Cecily Pigeon).

Doctor Walmer is a warmly refreshing role that Samantha has enjoyed developing; channelling a gentle and committed woman who is also part of a powerful and enigmatic force when placed with the other two doctors.

Samantha is 31 and lives in North London with her partner, David. She works in TV Post Production and Compliance.

March Fothergill (Doctor Deal)

March is currently a student at King’s College London studying Hispanic Studies with English.  She caught the acting bug from a very young age after following her mother to many a rehearsal for am-dram productions.  This is her last production before departing on her ‘study abroad’ year.

Alex Waddington (Doctor Rye)

Throughout her formative years at a girls’ school, Alex longed for one thing – to be cast in a female role. As a girl of above average height, compliments in the vein of ‘but you make such a good man!’, were of little consolation to her frustrated ambitions. However, since joining KDC this year, Alex is that little bit closer to realising her dream. In Measure for Measure’ earlier this year, Alex was given a small female role (alongside a male one of course), and Conference Call sees her playing a female character throughout, albeit an imaginary one. It may have taken 30 years, but it looks like Alex’s time has finally come…

Andy Rushforth (Priest)

Andy is a wannabe Welshman. After spending an idyllic childhood in Newport his life took an urban turn to the bright lights of London. There he discovered the joys of Greco wrestling and jewellery-making. His love of acting stems from being a show-off and an unhealthy obsession with Mike Yarwood.

Nic Clark (Martin Mills’s Boss)

Nic feels life has somewhat cheated him. Despite living in the South West, Wales, the West Midlands and now London he possesses no accent whatsoever apart from a tendency to rolling his r’s. As his role in this play is silent this can neither be confirmed or denied unless you buy me a drink in the bar afterwards…

Helen Niland (Director)

Amy Jackson (Assistant Director)

This is my first time as an AD with KDC and it’s been a fantastic experience – due to the imagination, fun and general crazyness injected by Helen, the cast and our film crew.  I play Martin Mills’ wife which was a interesting challenge and presents itself in the form of our video montage interspersed during the play.

Outside of KDC, I have been a member of the Ealing Beaufort Players for several years and work in Communications for an alcohol company.

Enjoy the show!

Matthew Partridge (Producer)

Conference Call is Matthew’s eighth KDC production, and his third with Helen Niland. He has done everything from working backstage on Double Falsehood (Summer 2010) to directing The Tamer Tamed (Spring 2012). He is a Senior Writer for MoneyWeek magazine and has a PhD from the London School of Economics.

Nick Franco (Film Director)
Director and producer Nick Franco founded 1185films in 2003 where he has married a talented team of collaborators, both emerging and established, within his creative East London co-operative.

Nick directs, coordinates and produces film projects with high quality production values, from low budget productions to multi-million pound projects. He has worked with a range of artists including Cara Seymour, Stephen Tompkinson, Suggs, Bill Wyman, Gary Whelan, Scott Williams, Lisa Stansfield and UB40.

As a producer he has an innate and in-depth understanding of business and legal affairs, he is meticulous with budgets, he has a great visual flare and he can tell a story with empathy.

Lamberto Mongiorgi (Film Editor)
Lamberto is an Italian director, first assistant director and camera operator based in London.

He first gained experience at the famous Cinecittà Studios in Rome and he has worked on many productions including commercials (McDonalds, UniEuro), documentaries, shorts, animation 3D and corporate videos, both in Italy and in the UK.

Career highlights include 3D stereoscopic work for Marche: Land of Magic, a RAINBOW CGI production. Today he is a cinematographer, camera operator and editor at 1185films, where he has worked for eighteen months.

Stanley Llewellyn Ellis (Film Producer)
Stanley was born in Oxford but raised in Connecticut, USA, where he earned a degree in politics at the University of Connecticut. He returned to the UK aged 26 to pursue a career in film, inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

After gaining a Higher National Certificate in film at South Thames College while managing the Metro cinema in London’s West End, he went on to assistant direct three feature films and numerous television programmes and advertisements.

During his time in London, Stanley has written several feature length and short films scripts. He has also directed a number of short films, including Friends, Fame and Cocaine and Funny Money, plus various pop promos. Currently he is writing his first novel The Book of Us.

Fozia Khaliq (Lighting)

Fozia Khaliq has been working namely as a curator, educator and moving-image facilitator for the last 6 years. Having started her career in the East London art scene as a gallerist, Fozia forged an identity for herself as an arts instigator and producer through the gradual shift into participatory, public and educational arts.

Independently she has curated the exhibition By-Product at Nettie Horn and a series of exhibitions at V42 Gallery in Slovenia where she was for some time the Artistic Director.

Hannah Spearing (Make Up)

David Balfour (Film Operator)

As far back as he can remember, David has always wanted to be a film operator. To him, being a film operator was better than being President of the United States.  When not being a civil servant David enjoys bakery and classic cars.

Zoe Ashdown (Costume)

Zoe started off as a History student at Durham University, but after graduating discovered a passion for costume history. So she got degree greedy and decided to get another one, this time in Costume Design for Stage and Screen at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth.  After two years of hard slog and a few interesting jobs here and there on films and in theatre, Zoe decided not to return as she was offered a job at Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in the West End, and she’s been there ever since.  Zoe has greatly enjoyed working with KDC once again as it gives her the opportunity to flex her creative bits and pieces, and wishes to thank Helen for all her help and support.

David Crackles (Sound)