A story of love, jealousy, revenge, paranoia, murder, deception, duplicity and death.

Set in modern-day London, KDC’s production tells the tale of newly married Othello, who is sent to defend the Cyprus Housing Estate from a rival Turkish gang, The Ottomites, and who finds himself a pawn in a manipulative game that tests the thin lines that lie between love, jealousy and hate.

This timeless thriller is set in a world filled with the destructive power of prejudice, racism and sexism. Where whispered words poison Othello’s mind and lead to the destruction of everything that he holds dear.

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Othello Director’s Note

Duncan Moore writes: My introduction to Othello was walking into the living room where my older brother was watching a TV broadcast of a stage production. Onscreen was scene 5.2, in which Othello kills Desdemona. At the time I was a lippy, anti-Shakespeare teenager and so I merely dissed the production and did not admit … Continue reading “Othello Director’s Note”

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Othello Cast Biographies

Billy Knowles – Roderigo This is Billy’s fourth production with KDC after appearing in Stags & Hens, Bones and most recently Den of Thieves. Previous shows include The Magnetic Lady, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Bacchus In Rehab, Amore the Merrier and Shopping & F***ing at the Edinburgh Fringe. Billy has also performed in several shows with ARC … Continue reading “Othello Cast Biographies”

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Othello Full Trailer

Othello runs 27-31 March 2018 at the Barons Court Theatre.

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Othello Cast List

  Congratulations to the cast of Othello. This production will be performed at Baron’s Court Theatre from 27 – 31 March. Roderigo: Billy Knowles Iago: Martin Shaw Brabantio: Stephen Reimer  Othello: Elliott Bornemann Cassio: Nick Edwards The Duke: Helen Jackson Lodovico: Keir Mills Desdemona: Izzie Price Montano: Graham White Emilia: Julia Pagett Bianca: Lene Kqiku … Continue reading “Othello Cast List”

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Auditions Spring 2018

You can hear all about our Spring Season at our Launch Event, from 7pm Thursday 4 January 2018 at the Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon. Meet the directors, hear about their visions for our exciting season. Follow the links to read the full audition notices: 13 – 17 March – The Red Envelope Project (a KDC … Continue reading “Auditions Spring 2018”

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