New writing competition: Full Stack

silver laptop on white table

Writers wanted for the 7th annual Full Stack new writing competition, our yearly invite to writers experienced and new to get out their keyboards and start a-tapping! We’re looking for short scripts for an anthology show in the summer, so please get your thinking caps on, we want to see your fantastic ideas. Successful pieces will be included in our summer show.

The brief

A package arrives or has just arrived. There is a letter with the package. The letter says it’s from Charlie and they thought of [your character(s)] when they saw it. When your character(s) open it, they understand why Charlie sent it to them.

Your play should address the fact that this package has arrived and it is from Charlie; we do not know who Charlie is, what their relationship is to your character(s), what size the package is or what’s in it, and if it is a nice or bad package, or anything else. This is entirely up to you.

We don’t know more about Charlie, which means you are free to envision them as you please. This applies to gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity, health, job, relationships, location, and anything else that isn’t described here.

Your play should be written from an “outsider” point of view; a friend, a family member, a colleague, a stranger, the delivery person, the dog, a (sentient) Alexa, the barista in their favourite coffee shop, the office cat, etc. Maybe even what’s inside the package!

Charlie must not be a character in your play. We will never meet them.

Be creative – for example: Have your character(s) reminisce about Charlie and the relationship they have with them. Have them talk about the package, what’s in it, why Charlie sent it, what memories it brings back, and how they feel about it and Charlie. Make it a tiny package, maybe a ring or a screwdriver. Make it a huge package, maybe a sofa or a ceiling fan. Make it an alive package, maybe a fish or an emu. It can be something really good or very sinister, something wanted or something disgusting, something lovely or something bad. Whatever you pick is up to you!

Any genre is welcome.

Max. 10-12 minutes (6-7 pages) – your play can be shorter, of course!

Max. 3 actors – more characters are possible if actors double up, of course you can write a monologue or duologue too.

Deadline for submissions is 12 March 2023.

You can also submit as many scripts as you like.

Please send your scripts to by the deadline. We wish you good story-hunting!