New writing competition: Full Stack

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Full Stack submissions are now closed.

Writers wanted for the 6th annual “Full Stack” new writing competition, our yearly invite to writers experienced and new to get out their keyboards and start a-tapping! We’re looking for short scripts for an anthology show in the summer, so please get your thinking caps on, we want to see your fantastic ideas. Successful pieces will be included in our summer show.

The theme

Identity is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone sees us differently, and we are or can become very different people depending on who we are with.

We hear from the voices who know Noor well, those who don’t. The people in Noor’s life, and those who aren’t.

Noor is a 30-something professional who works in an office.

She has an older brother who lives in the same city, and her parents are retired and live an hours’ drive away.

She is officially single, but she is seeing someone casually.

Someone will be arriving to visit Noor.

The brief

Your play should address the fact that someone is visiting Noor; we do not know who is coming, when they are arriving, why they are visiting, how Noor feels about this, or anything else. This is entirely up to you.

We don’t know much more about Noor, which means you are free to envision her as you please. This applies to gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity, health, job, relationships, location, and anything else that isn’t described here.

Your play should be written from an “outsider” point of view; a friend, a family member, a colleague, her dog, her (sentient) Alexa, the barista in her favourite coffee shop, the homeless person in front of her office building, the office cat, etc.

Noor must not be a character in your play. We will never meet her.

Be creative: Have your character(s) reminisce about Noor and the relationship she has with the person that is arriving. Have them talk about how she changed when she knew they were coming. Or maybe Noor doesn’t know and it’s a surprise, organised by your character. Have them wonder why this person is visiting. Make them the person who is arriving and what they hope will happen during the visit. As long as it somehow addresses a person arriving to visit, you are free to write about it.

Any genre is welcome.

Max. 10-12 minutes (6-7 pages) – your play can be shorter, of course!

Max. 3 actors – more characters are possible if actors double up, of course you can write a monologue or duologue too.

Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2022.

You can also submit as many scripts as you like.

Please send your scripts to by 28 February. We wish you good story-hunting!