Autumn 2018 casts

Auditions are now complete and we have our new casts for the autumn. We had a fantastic turnout to auditions and it was a shame to have to turn down so many good people. Congratulations to everyone chosen, I look forward to seeing what you have for us…


Gemma-May Bowles
Ynes Benotmane
Róisín Deady


Godsell — Keir Mills
Daniel — Joe Callanan
Lonely — Graham White

Flare Path

Peter — Ken Thomson
Patricia — Emma Robson
Teddy — Alexander Lopez
Swanson — Dom Ward
Johnny — Stephen Reimer
Dusty — Peadar Donnelly
Maudie — Orla Joyce
Doris — Clare Dodkins
Mrs Oakes — Sarah Dobson
Percy — Sam Rowe