New Writing

Writing with KDCKDC Theatre prides itself on its New Writing programme, and the last few years have seen this grow and develop into a fantastic resource for people interested in directing, in hearing new work, and especially in showcasing their own stuff.

So we need writers. We need plays. We need spirit and poetry and life and stories spilled out onto paper, imagination captured on a word processor and tales that need to be told.

What sort of things do we do?

The KDC Theatre New Writing programme has several outlets which may appeal to writers wanting to showcase and experiment with new work.

The Full stack project

Most recently we have started to run new writing competition for shorts around a set theme, maximum 4 pages per script submission. This year our theme is “Writing on the Wall“, and we’ll be presenting the winning scripts in an anthology show in June.

Round Table Readings

A private room in a bar, intimate surroundings and free for all to attend. Those in attendance may even be asked to read. This is a) a great chance to see if a play is suitable to put in our New Writing bank, and b) an amazing opportunity for writers to hear their work with fresh ears from fresh mouths.

Rehearsed Readings

An opportunity for a piece of new writing to undergo a basic staging for presentation (script in hand). Great for writers to grapple the more technical aspect of stagecraft in scriptwork, and great for directors interested in getting familiar with KDC Theatre and trying some ripe material.

New Writing full shows

We are enthusiastic and very willing to put on full length productions of entirely new scripts. If you think your script is right for this level of commitment, then it can be submitted along for selection in one of our seasons. We ask that you find yourself a director to pitch it – see Directing With KDC.

But I’ve never written anything!

Theatre starts with a script. A script starts with an idea. Ideas come from the imaginations of writers.

That’s a bit intimidating though.

People often ask how to start writing. There is no right thing to do, but there is one thing that never works, one very common thing that will absolutely not help – and that is to do nothing. To think about it, to worry, to wait for that killer idea… but never actually write anything. If you want to write, write. Your first thing will be rubbish. Your second thing will be rubbish. Your third thing will be rubbish, but maybe a little less so. If you want to write – write, and eventually if you do it enough, it will become a thing that you can do.

So if you’re interested or want to learn more, write to our new-writing coordinator via our contact page.