Introduction to Improv course

Join our Introduction to Improv course, starting on
o1 February 2023 and continuing every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks.

The course

Ever thought “I love the idea of improv but it seems scary and complicated”? Then this is the course for you! Over the 8 sessions we will be looking at breaking down improv into core skills and developing those skills in a fun, relaxed way, which shows improv doesn’t have to be scary!

The 3 skills we will be focusing on are:

  1. “Yes, and…” (the classic)
  2. Initiation and Supporting
  3. Narrative

We will use a couple of sessions per skill to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident with the basics before we move on. They will hopefully be a great learning experience, where we’ll direct and guide you through the foundations of improv.

The sessions will be designed to be relaxed, light-hearted and fun. To start with, the sessions will consist of games and short scenes. Then, depending on what the group prefers, we will either lean more towards short form improv (games that you might see on Who’s Line is it Anyway?) or long form (which you might have seen in shows such as Austentatious or Showstopper!).

You don’t need to be funny in any way at all. Improv tends to be naturally funny, but you don’t need to be a comedian. In fact, when one tries to be funny in improv, you inevitably aren’t!

Throughout the sessions, we will be seeking to build a collaborative group where everyone feels connected to, and supported by their fellow players. You will be learning as a group, not as individuals.

Each session will take place at Theatre Deli Broadgate on Wednesday evenings, 7-9.30pm, starting 01 February.

We are then hoping to do a showcase of some sort after the final week, though this is TBC.

To be part of this course, you don’t need any prior improv experience, though we will tailor the course to the experience level of the group.

Looking forward to seeing you!

How to join

There is a participation fee for the course of £25/£35/£45 depending on whether you are low/medium/high income. This is self-assessed. You must also be a member of KDC; if you are not yet a member then that is £30 and covers you for 12 months. If you have been a member for less than 12 months, you do not have to pay the membership fee again.

Signups are now open and the deadline to apply is 29 January 2023. There are limited places, so get applying now!

To apply, email Jessica Rogers (course trainer):

About Jess

I have always done improv as part of rehearsals but then in 2017 I started learning it in its pure form, and completely fell in love! From those initial learning sessions, a group of us came together to become an improv troupe (the Banana Hut Gang) who now perform regularly. We’ve performed across the UK and most notably we had a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and a 5-star run in 2022.

I started teaching improv with some of my fellow troupe members in 2018 and found it not only incredibly enjoyable, but also brilliant for developing and honing my own improv skills. I now teach it both in Am Dram settings and in my ‘day job’ as a leadership development trainer. Getting very corporate-inclined people to play improv games is a great joy, I’ll tell you that for free! Hilarity aside, I strongly believe that improv teaches you excellent life skills and that is why I use it in my training, and why I would recommend it to anyone who stands still long enough!