KDC is now a charity!

Thanks to the efforts of Sarah and Will, and those KDC members that approved the required constitution changes, KDC is now officially a registered charity! This is a very positive step for the group, aligning our legal status with what we actually are (“doing good nice things m’kay”), and making our future more secure.

So, welcome to KDC Theatre, registered charity num 1179970!

Autumn auditions are under-way, and we will be announcing our new casts next week.

Minutes from AGM and September SGM

AGM Minutes – 26 July 2018

SGM Minutes – 13 September 2018

Auditions this week!

Auditions for our fantastic autumns season of shows are this week, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings. You can audition for all the shows in a single evening, and you only need to come to one day. There is no need to prepare anything, you don’t need to pre-register, and they are free.

When: 17, 18 & 19th September, 6:45pm–9pm

Where: Theatre Deli Studios, 2 Finsbury Avenue EC2M 2PA (go through the bar and upstairs, follow the “STUDIOS” sign)

What: Open auditions for the below productions

The shows

SHE – by Hannah Torrance, directed by Sarah Beebe

Three actresses convey the fractured perspectives, experience and memories of a troubled woman, pushed to the brink. SHE Audition Notice

Stiff – by Matthew Davies, directed by Steph Urquhart

Just another night shift at the mortuary but how will the three men on call react when tasked with ‘looking after’ a recently departed and very beautiful young actress? Stiff Audition Notice

Flare Path – by Terence Rattigan, directed by Lisa Thomas

1942. Ahotel near an RAF Bomber Command airbase plays host to an affecting love triangle between an actress, her pilot husband and her movie star lover. Flare Path Audition Notice

Autumn Season auditions

Season Launch party – 13 Sept

Oh my, it’s theatre’ing time again! Come to our season launch party on 13 September, from 7:30pm at Hoop & Grapes pub in Farringdon Street. You can grab a beer, mingle with all the nice people, chat to the directors — oh did I say Directors? Well yes I did because we’ve got a bunch of shows that we need you to be involved with!

Come theatre-types all, both KDC regulars and the new-and-shiny. We’re going to be needing a cast for all this lot, so come and show us what you got (auditions will be 17-19 September). If you’re not one of those actor-types, there are also a number of non-cast roles that we will need to fill, so come round, say hi! We are a very friendly bunch of folks and can’t wait to meet you!

Here’s the lineup for this season, full details in the linked audition notices:

SHE – by Hannah Torrance, directed by Sarah Beebe

Three actresses convey the fractured perspectives, experience and memories of a troubled woman, pushed to the brink. SHE Audition Notice

Stiff – by Matthew Davies, directed by Steph Urquhart

Just another night shift at the mortuary but how will the three men on call react when tasked with ‘looking after’ a recently departed and very beautiful young actress? Stiff Audition Notice

Flare Path – by Terence Rattigan, directed by Lisa Thomas

1942. Ahotel near an RAF Bomber Command airbase plays host to an affecting love triangle between an actress, her pilot husband and her movie star lover. Flare Path Audition Notice

Season Launch and Special General Meeting

KDC Theatre – Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special General Meeting of KDC Theatre will be held at the Hoop & Grapes, 80 Farringdon Street, London at 7.30pm on Thursday 13 September 2018 to transact the following business:


1. Alteration to the Constitution

To consider and vote upon the following resolution.

That clause 3(1) of the KDC Constitution be amended to read “to advance the arts for the public benefit, in particular by the production and presentation of amateur theatre performances in Greater London.”

That clause 3(2) of the KDC Constitution be removed.

2. Members proposed resolutions

Details will be given once proposed resolutions are received. Proposed resolutions should be submitted via our contact form by noon on 30 August 2018. A revised agenda will be issued by 6 September 2018.

3. Any other business

To deal with any matters raised at the meeting.

4. Season Launch

Formally close the meeting and move to the Season Launch, detailing plans for our two performance weeks in November.

By order of the Board of charity trustees

Sarah Dobson


13 August 2018

Pitches for Autumn 2018

This Autumn KDC is seeking three directors to perform in two weeks in November. We are inviting pitches for productions that you, as a director, are longing to stage. We are also seeking directors for two very dark and very different one act plays, which are being brought together for the first time.

She takes place over 1 night in a restaurant, 3 stories, different perspectives, all leading to this one moment; a simple action with violent consequences.

Stiff invites the audience to see the other side of death, set in a mortuary; how will the night shift cope when confronted with a familiar face?

We want to know what will make your production special. You can pitch for as many productions as you like and, if you can’t make the dates of this season, we would love to know what you would have pitched. After all, spring is only round the corner…

Key dates for directors

13 Sep 2018 – Season Launch Event – Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon
17-19 Sep 2018 – Auditions – Theatre Delicatessen – Deli Studios
22 Sep 2018 – Recalls – Theatre Delicatessen – Deli Studios
24 Sep 2018 – Rehearsals Mon/Wed/Sun – Various locations
6-10 Nov 2018 – She/Stiff – White Bear Theatre, Kennington
27 Nov – 1 Dec 2018 – Production Week 2 – Barons Court Theatre

Process for pitching

1. Pitches open Thurs 26 July 2018
Prospective directors to register interest by completing this contact form by Mon 6 Aug. The scripts for the two one act plays will be forwarded in response

2. Complete questionnaire By Mon 6 Aug 2018
Prospective directors to complete KDC pitch questionnaire (see full list of questions below)

3. Interviews Mon 30 July – Tue 14 Aug 2018
Prospective directors will meet with Steph, Artistic Director and Sarah, Chair. Steph will be in touch to arrange the meeting once contact form is received

4. Decision Mid-August 2018
Autumn productions and directors confirmed

For information – the full set of questions are listed below, in case you would like to prepare your answers in advance of completing online.
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Dates pitching for:
a) 6 – 10 November 2018 at White Bear (directing ‘Stiff’ or ‘She’)
b) 27 November – 1 December 2018 at Barons Court Theatre (directing my own choice of play)
4. Name of the play are pitching to direct?
5. * Author
6. * Date of first publication? (This can be found on the information page at the front of the published script)
7. * What is it about – please give a brief description of the plot of the play?
8. How would you characterise the genre?
9. What do you like about this play?
10. How do you plan to present the play?
11. Why would your production be great for KDC members to get involved in?
12. What experience do you have of working with/managing groups of people? This can include theatre/directing experience or experience from another area of your life.
13. * What is the approximate running time of play? Will you have an interval?
14. Number of actors needed/sought?
15. *What is the likely male/female split of your cast?
16. Do you plan to work with an assistant director or producer? If so, do you have someone in mind?
17. * If your pitch is successful, we will apply for any performance rights needed. However, sometimes the rights for plays are unavailable. To avoid disappointment, we invite directors to consider a rights free production, which could act as a back-up if their first choice isn’t available. If you would like to submit a full proposal for another play, you can complete this form again for a different play. If you already have other plays in mind and would like to let us know what they are, you can include them here.
Is there anything else you want to tell us?
18. Do you have any questions?

AGM 2018 – Agenda

Hope you can make it to the Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon Street, for the AGM. The agenda:

  1. Introductions
  2. Apologies
  3. Quorum
  4. Differences with previous AGMs
  5. Election of Trustees
  6. Proposed amendments to the constitution:
    1. Amending Membership rule at s(8)(1)(c): “… are not payable.” to “… are not payable; or
    2. Addition of Membership rule at s(8)(1)(d): “by having been appointed by the trustees to assist in the running of the charity, in a specified role, without joining as a trustee.”
  7. Proposed bye-laws
    1. Setting of subs
    2. Setting of ticket prices
    3. Permitting electronic record keeping
  8. Appointment of any other Trustees
  9. Appointment of non-trustees to specified roles to assist in the running of the charity
  10. Artistic Director plans for 2018/2019
  11. Treasurer report and accounts for 2017/2018

Your Theatre Needs You

KDC is recruiting! It’s AGM time again and we’re looking to grow our merry band – theatre with KDC happens because of all the awesome people who are involved in the shows, but also because a much smaller band in the committee are pulling the strings throughout the year to make those shows happen at all. We need some enthusiastic people to join up! The committee chooses shows, theatre venues, socials, runs the publicity, social feeds, manages the website, finances, decides group direction, there are lots of things to get your teeth stuck into if you would like to. And you get to see all our lovely faces at least once a month!

The existing committee is staying on, but we’re limited in number, and we want fresh blood to come drive things, new ideas, new perspectives. You don’t need to have experience, just enthusiasm and a little bit of time every now and then. You can run for a named role, or just join as a non-exec member and pick up whatever you fancy. Your Theatre Needs You!

Annual General Meeting 2018

Hoop & Grapes, 7.30pm Thursday 26 July 2018

We look forward to seeing you for our first Annual General Meeting as a Charity. Join us for a drink or two and meet up with old and new friends.

We need to appoint our trustees for 2018-2019, so if you want to get more involved in KDC, now is your chance. No specific skills required, just a bit of spare time and plenty of enthusiasm.

Whether it’s organising a social, scheduling rehearsals, balancing the books or being the voice of KDC on social media, we’d love to have you help out. A little or a lot, we don’t mind, and you can still help out without having to become a trustee.

We’ll be covering plans for the forthcoming year, and taking on ideas – so if you have a burning issue, or a fantastic idea for us to use, come along and let us know.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Meet the Writers of Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is the new writing show created out of a call out for writing of 4 pages or less. The show is a compilation of 13 pieces that were submitted and selected by our 6 directors, which will be performed at The Lion and the Unicorn Theatre on the 19th – 23rd June.

Tickets available online

Pete Barrett

Pete has been writing plays, children’s books and short stories for most of his life. His plays have won or been shortlisted in 18 competitions in recent years. He has had seven professional productions. A collection of stories written for the Interact Reading Service Out Loud: 36 Twisted Tales has sold many thousands of copies on Kindle. More of his work is on his website www.petebarrett.co.uk.

Matt Beames

Matt is a freelance writer based in Hampshire. His writing for theatre has been performed around the UK and in the US. His work is often inspired by mythology and folklore, and his recent adaptation of Sleeping Beauty has been published by Aurora Metro Books. Many of his theatre projects tell stories of near futures, and he is delighted to be a part of Future Imperfect.
Whilst much of Matt’s writing for theatre, his other projects include writing prose fiction, comics and also board games.

Rachael Carnes

Professionally, Rachael is the director of Arts & Culture for the Oregon Supported Living Program, an organization that serves people with disabilities. She discovered playwriting in 2016 and had her first professional production last year. And as a professional journalist and editor, Carnes regularly contributes to publications throughout the Northwest. With a collaborative spirit, Rachael recently brought together 20 playwrights from across the country, creating end editing PLAYWRIGHTS SAY NEVER AGAIN TO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, a full-length work that has had staged readings in theaters across the country.

Danielle Florence

Danielle was born and raised on an island in Canada, went to drama school at the same place as the guy from Silicon Valley and then moved to Korea for a year to eat her weight in bibimbap. Since coming to London she’s appeared in many KDC shows and directed one. This is her first time writing anything that will be staged, which is likely to be obvious. During the day, she works at Theatre Deli as their Marketing Department.


Ian Green

I’ve appeared in several shows with KDC in the past including Otherworldly, a devised play that I helped to script alongside the rest of the cast.

I started writing short plays a couple of years ago as part of Andy Marchant’s “10 Minutes a Month” playwriting challenge. I am very happy to have had my piece selected for Future Imperfect and am really looking forward to seeing what Govind and the cast do with the script!

Catrin Fflur Huws

Catrin Fflur Huws is a Welsh playwright. Her play ‘To Kill A Machine’ about the cryptanalyst Alan Turing, was nominated for 4 Wales Theatre Awards in 2016, and was a finalist in the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation Award for Playwrighting in the same year. In 2011 and 2012 she was part of the Sherman Theatre’s Gair ar Led and Spread the Word programmes, and has also been part of Theatr Clwyd and Gladstone Library’s Writer in Residence Scheme.

Helen Jackson

By day I’m a marketing manager but by night I’m a drama junkie. I’ve been performing in plays with KDC and other theatre companies for many years now so it’s exciting to be involved in theatre from a different perspective. When I’m writing I find myself acting out all the parts which helps me think through what might work dramatically. I really enjoy the challenge of taking a theme and imagining what stories can come out of it.


Scott Mullen

Scott Mullen is a longtime Hollywood screenplay analyst and screenwriter, a two-time winner of Amazon Studios’ screenwriting contest, whose thriller THE SUMMONING aired on TV One. His short plays have been performed around the world.



Ken Preuss

Ken Preuss is a Central Florida playwright and teacher. His published one-acts for teens and assorted short plays have been produced in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, and 46 of the 50 United States